7 Perfect French Outfits for Autumn in Paris

7 Perfect French Outfits for Autumn in Paris

Fall is in the air in Paris, and it’s a perfect time to start thinking about how to “autumn-ize” and “winterize” the looks you’ve been wearing all summer. Seasonal transitions – whether in life or in fashion – can feel daunting, but they don’t have to be. You can even take inspiration from the looks featured at the most recent Paris Fashion Week.

Here are seven easy-to-pull-together looks for you to wear while rocking your way through the City of Light this fall. Above all, go with a style and look that best suits you. And remember: the best accessory for any outfit is confidence.

1. An Understated Suit with an Eye-Grabbing Purse

Fall is a great time to mix and match suit pieces and menswear, like a chic black blazer. Opt for a bold red lip and an equally eye-catching colored bag to dress up the look a bit. This look is paired well with a classic white button-up shirt, and it can take you from the office to after-work drinks very easily.

For daytime, pair it with black penny loafers or low-heeled boots. For a more nighttime look, up the “wow” factor by throwing on some strappy stilettos or thigh-high boots.


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2. Iconic All-Black Parisian Look

Both Paris and New York could easily lay claim to the city’s fashion color being black. It’s a timeless, always-elegant hue that elevates any look. It takes a bold fashionista to master the all-black look.

This one that fashion influencer Sabina Socol wears – a black dress, with black knee-high boots and a black blazer – is an ideal way to make your mark in Paris. (We love a fashion moment from a pregnant person, too! And Socol kept her fashionista box checked while pregnant.)

Monochrome is in – and black monochrome will always be in, especially in Paris. Take advantage of the fashion factor found in Paris and try out all the looks you’ve been too timid to give a go, whether it’s an all-black ensemble or an iconic dress in a bold color.

3. Sweater with Statement Necklace & Faux Leather Pants

Blessedly, it is finally sweater season. Yes, that cozy, bundled-up time of year when all you want to do is hibernate on your couch with some Netflix and a steaming mug of tea. But if you should find yourself needing to get off the couch and go out into the world, throwing on a gorgeous thick sweater is a great way to go about it.

Pair a neutral-color sweater with a bright-colored bag and statement-making necklace to make things pop. If you’ve got ‘em, throw on some faux leather pants, which are big this fall. With this chic and pulled-together look, you’ll give off the vibe of having just stepped off the runway.

4. Blue Jeans and Boots

It doesn’t get more classic than blue jeans. Blue jeans are an excellent staple and a must-have for every closet. This season, wider leg jeans are in vogue, and they pair great with statement-making boots. Go for a square toe if you want to feel especially “2022 in-style.”

Pair the look with a slouchy jacket or a luxe coat to up the high-meets-low factor. That white button-up that goes with everything would also be a great addition to this look. For a relaxed feel, keep your face makeup-free and your hair loose. When it comes to French fashion, less is often more.

5. Body-Hugging Print Dress with Casual Jacket

Amid your daytime activities in Paris, you’ll surely have a party here or there to attend, an event with which to grace your presence, a romantic date with your amour, or a night of cocktails and dancing. Whatever nighttime adventures await you, you’ll want to have a slinky, body-hugging dress in your closet or your suitcase to meet the occasion.

Weather permitting, opt for a light sweater or light jacket of a neutral tone that doesn’t detract too much from your dress. Pair the look with boots or strappy heels, and throw in a manicure while you’re at it, if you’re into nail care.

6. A Bright-Colored Skirt with Flats & a Simple Top

Fashion is all about having fun and looking good while doing it. One of the best ways to have fun with fashion and experiment with style is by going with unusual colors, like this teal-blue plaid miniskirt. Plaid and autumn go hand-in-hand (maybe it’s something to do with those back-to-school vibes?); find a plaid shirt that suits your tastes. If you’re feeling daring, go for a color you usually wouldn’t wear. Pair it with a simple top, like a white tee shirt or a black sweater, and some basic flats. Let the skirt be the stand-out piece and go for understated for the rest of the outfit.

This look is perfect for a lazy Saturday around the city, doing some window shopping in the Marais, running errands, or enjoying a coffee date with friends or an online match.

7. Trench Coat & Sneakers

Few things scream “iconic French fashion” more than a timeless trench coat. Trench coats are an evergreen item; they’re forever chic. This closet staple harkens back to the days of French New Wave and Jean-Luc Godard films, yet it feels equally at home and elegant in 2022.

Pair them with a fresh pair of kicks and enjoy the juxtaposition of sporty-meets-glam. Classic French fashion house Louis Vuitton has an array of timeless trenches, jackets, and blazers from which to choose.

Lead photo credit : Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

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