So What About Sceaux? A Well-Kept Secret South of Paris

So What About Sceaux? A Well-Kept Secret South of Paris
Perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Paris is hiding in plain sight. Only six miles from central Paris and a short RER ride away, the suburb of Sceaux is a favorite destination for Parisians. Few tourists seek to uncover its wealth of art, history, and charm. Located south of Paris, Sceaux (pronounced “So”) is a small city in its own right with a pedestrian-only district filled with gourmet food shops, patisseries, and restaurants. Several chain stores dot this shopping landscape as well as boutique shops, ubiquitous pharmacies, and an award-winning boulangerie. Enjoyed by locals, this area of Sceaux, ringed by Avenue de Camberwell and Rue Houdan, is the weekend place to catch up with family and friends. Just around the corner from this hangout, accessible via rue de Dr Berger, is one of the entrances to Parc de Sceaux where locals and Parisians flock to unwind. People of all ages come to stroll its allées, spread blankets on grassy knolls to picnic, or just sit quietly and drink in the ambiance. Amid this vast park is a rather petit château, set on a hill above the fountains and pools of water that cascade down the vast slope. Sprinkled throughout the landscape are statues of marble, stone, or bronze, as well as several original outbuildings that date back to the 17th century. And that’s when this illustrious history of Château de Sceaux begins.

Lead photo credit : The grand entrance to Château de Sceaux. © Dawn Dailey

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