Paris Instagram Accounts to Follow

Paris Instagram Accounts to Follow

It’s common knowledge that people love the city of Paris. Some so much that they dedicate an entire Instagram account or career to showing off the city. If you’re looking for unique pictures of Paris, here are five favorite accounts doing it with style.

1. Paul with @ toits_de_paris

Paul is a Parisian photographer with a page dedicated to the rooftops of Paris. Most people think to focus on the buildings, the walkways, or even the streets. Paul’s page showcases rooftops in daylight and night hours in every district throughout the city. Each picture is unique and shows a tiny corner of Paris that tells its own story in conjunction with the bustling cityscape around it.

2. Julie with @ lesfacadesdeparis

Julie is a lifestyle and travel blogger, who in addition to her own page runs this account based on Paris photography. In contrast to Paul’s roof photos, these are all focused on building façades. Mostly taken in daylight, these photos show the gorgeous, up-close details of Paris’s unique and intricately designed architecture all throughout the city.

3. @ retro_paris_

This account takes the city of Paris and filters it through a black-and-white lens into the past. The account showcases parts of the city and its people throughout the decades, crediting each year in the caption. From 1916 to the present, this account captures the old spirit of Paris, keeping it alive in the modern age.

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4. Vincent with @vincentnageotte

Vincent’s account takes another unique approach, showcasing “Pantone Photos.” Most of his pictures correspond with Pantone colors, and he uses swatches as a focal point of the photo as well. Each Parisian scene that color coordinates to a swatch are perfectly placed, creating a dynamic image out of the spaces.

5. @seemyparis

Lastly, See My Paris is a team of eight Paris-based influencers combined into one account to showcase snippets of Paris. They post upscale photos of daily life in the city, showing off different buildings, streets, cafes, and whatever they find aesthetically appealing at the moment. They also feature photos from other accounts to show different photography styles, each member and artist credited in the captions.

Who did we miss? Tell us your recommendations in the comments field below or on our Bonjour Paris Instagram account. Plus, would you like to be featured on Bonjour Paris? Tag your own Paris photos with #BonjourParisPhoto for the chance to be highlighted/profiled on our site.

Lead photo credit : © Georgia de Lotz, Unsplash

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