Our thoughts are with the people of Paris

Our thoughts are with the people of Paris

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Rainbow over Eiffel tower, Paris
Rainbow over Eiffel tower, Paris

To all our friends and followers, to all those who share with us a love of Paris, we just want to say how shocked and sorry we are for the people of Paris, and especially for the friends and families of those who lost their lives or have been injured. Our sympathies and thoughts are with them.

We will show our solidarity and support for France and Paris by continuing to write about its beauty, culture and history which have given us all so much pleasure and joy over the years.

If you have anything you wish to say or add to our message please feel free to comment at the foot of this post on the website.


The Bonjour Paris Editors


  1. We are Paris; we are France. My many friends there have said that though in shock, they stand upright and raise a glass to liberty.

  2. We unite with Paris and all of France in the resolve to overcome fear and sorrow to rise up with courage and strength to fight evil! Vive la France!

    • Beautiful photos. Yes you should come back for more !
      We have to pay respect to the people who died and whose life will be forever changed but we cannot let these evils win !

  3. It is hard to express my sadness because I am in utter disbelief that this happened. Last year I lived just around the corner from one of the areas affected. My heart will stay strong for those in Paris and especially those affected by this awful tragedy. I hope one day (one day very soon) we can all live in peace.

  4. We are shocked and saddened by the attack on Paris. Last year we spent a week enjoying Paris and the canals, so we feel,like we knew the young people who were killed or injured. We have no canceled our plans to return next summer.

  5. I’m deeply saddened by the terrible event that occurred last Friday…may their gentle souls rest in perfect peace…AMEN!!! I will never stop visiting Paris…I will be back!!! Vive la France!!!!

  6. I love Paris so much, I will not move away (anyway what would be the point as we are all at risk)
    I love art so much, I will continue visiting Museums
    I love architecture so much I will stroll the streets
    I love to share food so much with my friends, I will go to restaurants and enjoy their company
    I will laugh
    I will smile
    I will Live and LOVE
    WE will WIN, LOVE will WIN

    M Paris… (can read Martinn Paris or Aime Paris)

  7. As an avowed Francophile, a Lover of Paris and France, I join all of you in raising a glass to Liberté Egalite, Fraternité. Je suis en deuil.

  8. I’m in the middle of planning my 4th trip to the most magnifique city on earth…this time for five weeks. Some friends expect me to cancel because of terrorists, but NO, I refuse. One way to combat terrorism is to refuse to allow fear of their barbaric acts to dictate our choices. If anything, I shall go to Paris MORE often and stay longer than I would otherwise. Vive PARIS and may THE LORD JESUS CHRIST bless her and keep her in all loving hearts forever.

  9. This becomes so Much more real having been to Paris. I am heartsick at the violence and complete disregard for human life. I am going again soon and will not change my plans. Prayers for all the victims and their families as well as all of France. We stand with you.

  10. I signed up with Bonjour Paris to do research for our first 2-week trip to Paris — we were there exactly 3 years ago this past week. It was then I fell madly in love with Paris and France itself and vowed that someday I would move to France and make it my home. I am not there yet and I still plan to go, despite all that has happened. Watching the events unfold on Friday, my heart just ached for the people of Paris. The sadness was just unbearable. I am a former critical care/trauma RN with disaster training, I understand the depth of these events and how they can impact families, friends, emergency workers, communities, and the entire nation. But there is long history of solidarity in France, it’s heart lies in Paris. Through the tears there is strength. <3

  11. Coat of arms of Paris says; Fluctuat nec mergitur. Nobody can mess with Paris, nobody… Those morons, those cowards, those idiots, maybe they can strike once, twice or more. But they’ll never succeed. The most beautiful city Paris will always be there, and french people will stand tall.
    We’re all Paris…

  12. Je me sens terriblement triste pour les habitants de Paris. Personne ne mérite de se faire tirer dessus simplement pour être sorti manger au restaurant ou voir un match de soccer. J’ai des amis très proches a Paris et je prix pour eux ainsi que pour toute les victimes et les familles des victimes de se massacre horrible. Je planifie de voyager a Paris en 2016 pour la première fois et j’ai bien hâte de visiter cette ville sensationnelle.

  13. My heart aches for the people of Paris. These horrendous acts are barbaric!
    Paris and Parisians are in my thoughts and prayers.
    J’adore Paris.
    Vive la France.

  14. Bonjour!

    First of all I want to thank Americans. I received many warm mails from Americans, some are friends and some were just clients and they all did cheer me up, merci!
    Thanks to support Paris and to share our grief.

    The motto of Paris since the 16th century is
    (tossed but not sunk)
    Many Barbarian tribes tried since the Middle Ages to destroy Paris.
    They ALL failed.
    Paris and Parisians are strong and we will resist.

    • And yes, Edith, you are exactly right to evoke the term barbarians, because that is exactly what these misguided, blighted zealots are — they have distorted and poisoned the teachings of their own religion, have totally failed to keep up with the evolution of human civilization, and indeed want to see all of us revert back to darkness, ignorance and subjugation. A pox on all their houses! — and Vive la France!

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends who lost loved ones in these atrocious attacks. I pray for safety in Paris, France and the rest of Europe as we live through these troubling times. I have just returned from Paris and cannot wait to return.

  16. 2 Corinthians 10
    4. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through
    God to the pulling down of strong holds.
    5 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself
    against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every
    thought to the obedience of Christ.

  17. Words are futile to express the pain I feel for Paris and the loss of so iinnocents, and the maimed,

    mimi (cigalechanta)

  18. The peace that Jesus came to bring was not the peace of appeasement, or the peace of compromise and conformity. It was a spiritual peace. The world doesn’t give peace, for it doesn’t have any peace to give. It fights for peace, it negotiates for peace, it maneuvers for peace, but there is no ultimate peace in the world. But Jesus gives peace to those who put their trust in Him. If you have received His peace, then you are in His camp. But if you have rejected it, then you are against Him. His peace is available to everyone who will receive it.

  19. So very sad: to Parisians: know that we are thinking of you and your beautiful city. My heart breaks for the families affected and for the impact on each one of you.

  20. We are deeply saddened by recent events in Paris. Parisians are on the front line but people everywhere will feel the loss as governments adapt to this new terrorist wave. Our thoughts remain centred on this beautiful city and it’s residents.

  21. Aux larmes, citoyens! Que la haine perde, et la paix gagne! All francophiles, all lovers of life, of humanity, are heartbroken.

  22. As you know French culture separate the State (Public) and the Religious believes (Private).
    As you know these evils take religion as an excuse and call us the “crusaders”.
    So I do think that all our comments should stay secular, not threatening for any religious belief.
    Just mourning and making sure that Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité will survive not only for the French sake, but for all humanity.

  23. Nous sommes tous Parisien. I am amazed at how shocked I was over the shootings, they have left me deeply upset. My heart and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of those who died and those who survived such a traumatic time and to the people of that most beautiful city

  24. Paris is too beautiful to be spoilt by these atrocities. Heartfelt love for everyone there and those who have had their loved ones so cruelly taken from them. I will not stop visiting, they cannot win.

  25. Prayers and thoughts are with you all in Paris. What you stand for we all in the civilised world stand for – love, peace and freedom we don’t always get there but we try. What it is to be a human.

  26. The mindless viciousness is beyond words. My wife and I will continue to visit you wonderful country and its beautiful capital. Thanks fully all our friends and their families and friends appear to be safe.

  27. I have visited Paris many times, got engaged there, have a number of French friends and colleagues and holiday frequently in France. I was upset and unsettled this weekend. I know that France will recover, and I send it all my love and affection.

  28. J’ai parler et écrire Français un peu. J’ai moyenne quelle tristesse que Paris a à supporter cette tragety. Vous durera ! Il y a beaucoup de gens dans le monde qui t’aime et restera avec vous. Vive Paris, longue vie à la France !
    Please forgive any errors in my writing.

  29. My heart weeps for my most favorite city. As a former French teacher, I shared my love of Paris with all my students. Many of my students will forever remember their student trip to Paris that I organized during our spring break. Restez résolus, mes amis à Paris!!!

  30. #paris #france #thecivilzedworld Remain Resolute. RIP #lesperdus. Thoughts with their families and friends and tenacity to remain strong with the #survivors.

  31. There was a certain irony that the attacks were in the 10th arrondizement, home to the Plaza de la Revolution. The persons who carried out this violence are disaffected reactionaries and not revolutionaries in any true sense of the word. And the funding for these operations comes from wealthy SaudisParis. who prefer to live in the 7th century and violently reject the ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity that France has given the world. As important as it is to stop the attackers, it is equally if not more important to cut off their supply line. After Paris, I can only hope that this will happen. So sorry for this and for friends living in and around

  32. When that beautiful city is wounded then all who love it and its humanity feel the pain. Paris will survive and thrive, as it always has, but we pray for and support Paris in its hour of pain.

  33. There Are No Words
    Paris is beautiful and wins.
    Nick Matthews. National Poet
    (“When Will We Ever Learn?” New WW1 poems and images on AMAZON)

    There are no words that touch the hearts of those
    That like to know how close we are.
    But when the sunlight glistens on the Seine
    We dance in Paris bars and merry on.

    “What does this horde of slaves
    Of traitors and conspiratorial devils want?”
    They have no minds and hearts
    And fail in every part to halt our lives.

    In summer breeze Horizon Angels sparkle
    In our eyes and Paris fun transports
    Our minds to golden sun in busy markets
    And happy byways on the heights.

    On winter nights we dress in sunny clothes
    And eat at lively restaurants with
    Lovely music in our ears
    All full of light and Joy!

    In Paris, look at us in restaurants on boulevards
    Long shaded from the Easter sun
    We dance all night to dawn
    And love the moment more than anyone.

    We danced till two while making friends with
    People that we didn’t know and laughed along
    The way to home and warmth
    To hug our Paris that we love.

    We found the byways warm in France
    Which led us in a mystery to new discovered places
    That we took for love and there a river full of
    Tumbled magic stones which is forever ours.

    We claimed it one hot afternoon
    And hold it in our arms when dressing up for
    Party fun we can be anyone
    Because we know just who we are and where we go

  34. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to all in Paris.I and my daughter will still visit you in early December.
    Our countries are united in this terrible hour of grief.Vive La France.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your beautiful country for your losses. Be stronger than the terriorists. Such senseless violence.

  36. ISIS is responding to the attacks by France. But they also want to destroy the way of life of the West. So if we change our way of life (i.e., curtail our freedoms), then they will have won. We must walk a fine line between preserving our way of life and protecting ourselves, but we must continue to live our way of life to the extent possible. I watched an interview with a French security officer who said that this attack was a “proof of concept” attack; now that ISIS proved this type of attack is successful, they will attempt to export it all over Europe and the US. So, as ISIS becomes more emboldened, this will continue; we must hold firmly to what we have. I admire the French for their resolve, and I pray for their healing. Je suis Paris.

  37. As I walked into my church on Sunday morning, a member of our choir was singing La Marseillaise a cappella. I am sure congregations all over America expressed solidarity with France in that or some other way and that many sermons focused on the problem of how ordinary people can respond to such evil. Paris has been dealing effectively with violence for years and remains one of the safest major cities in the world. The people of Paris are not going to cower. Let’s make 2016 a banner year for French tourism.

  38. My heart was broken when I awoke to the dreadful news from Paris on Saturday morning. I do not understand these people and I probably never will. They are heartless human beings. Their cruel and barbarous acts will not deter us from living a normal life wherever we live. We will not give in to terrorism. My thoughts are with all the grieving families. I love France and I will visit again soon. Vive La France!

  39. From Scotland, to our oldest ally:-

    “Fluctuat nec mergitur”

    Paris may be battered but she will never sink

  40. My heart aches for you Paris has always been my happy place . You will not be defeated by this just stronger.

  41. Paris,
    Je suis pour vous. Je prie pour vous. Soyez fort!
    Fight with all you have these barbarians who have no respect for life.

  42. Horrified by what happened…I just hope and pray that revenge will not be the way forward…I believe that France can lead the world in having a different response and that love and tolerance will pave the way for a new world order where people of different faiths nationalities ideologies and colour can live full abundant lives wherever they find themselves on this planet. I have visited Paris many times starting with a French exchange when I was 14…I will return many times more…and the rest of France also. VIVE LA FRANCE

  43. Paris,the most beautiful city in the world.You will triumph as you have before.God Bless you.Tonimarie

  44. La France est une femme libre qui ne porte pas le voile, s’ennivre de parfums, s’habille de couleurs, mange tout ce qui est bon, danse et chante fiévreusement, sa Révolution est universelle, elle s’exprime au nom de la Culture, elle écrit et pense ce qu’elle veut, ses amis et amies se réunissent ensemble avec joie, l’amour a la française est plus fort que la guerre, il nous préserve de l’ombre et de la connerie mâle !
    Le sang des français tués se garde dans nos cœurs, il est plein d’énergies qui ne meurent jamais.Nous et chacun de nos enfants sommes heureux et résisterons toujours pour préserver cette terre de ces infâmes salauds. La France que nous vivons et que nous respirons, n’a pas peur. Ces ignorants barbares savent déjà que leurs tueries sont vaines. La France est une femme éternelle, que le Monde vénère. Soyons de fiers poètes comme l’étaient ces malheureuses victimes !

  45. God bless all of the victims and the people of France of these meaningless acts of pure evil. Also, the mothers and fathers and families of these brainwashed terrorists who have abused their gift of life to destroy other’s lives – how tragic to be so filled with hate and so resentful towards the ‘west’ and it’s democracy and equality in favour of their distorted and evil misinterpretation of Islam in order to live out their juvenile fantasies of world domination, as if there is only one God. God/Allah/Buddah/all of the Hindu Gods are simply representations of the existence of a higher power of pure love. Humankind are not a bunch of football fans fighting each other, which is how these disaffected terrorists think. Their sick ideology is based on EVERYTHING the Koran isn’t. God help them.

  46. I am deeply shocked and confused of these last events in Paris, because I have been visiting France for so many years as an artist. France is such a multicultural country and French government is making its best efforts to ensure that all cultures would feel at home in France, giving opportunities to develop and cherish their own national cultures and provide a place for living to their families. However, unfortunately there are radicals, who cannot value all those values. I understand that and I have felt it on my parents and grandparents, who have been victims of a genocide and France was one of the first countries in Europe who recognised Armenian genocide. With great pain this event has re-surfaced all these old memories of how my own compatriots were a subject to terror and genocide. I am with all my thoughts and feeling with the French nation. My dearest nation, who I regard highly for it’s culture and democracy. We will conquer the wrongdoers together. I pay respect to humanism and French nation and republic.
    I’m sending my great love and thoughts to French nation.
    Aragats G. Kalatshjan

    • I too am British but feel the unbearable pain the people of France are going through. I have friends who have confirmed they are safe thank goodness. Stay strong.

  47. To the people of France:

    Please know that you are not alone, as you weep for your loved ones we also weep and feel your pain. This monstrous attack on the innocents will strengthen your resolve and ours to rid the world of these evil, misguided men and women. May those that have been injured be restored to good health, may those that were taken so tragically, rest in peace and may the perpetrators and all who support them, rot in hell.

    Love for England

  48. We entrust to God the souls of the innocents and send prayers and consolations to their families. We pray that the injured will recover fully. God bless France.

  49. Je t’aime Paris

    I cry for the Loved Ones that have been taken. I am praying for their Family’s in their suffering.
    Even though our Homes are far apart…We are all together with one Heart and one Spirit.


  50. I love France and the French people. What has happened in France is beyond understanding. It is barbaric. May the French rise above all this and may the dream of peace on earth become a reality. In the words of a fellow South African – he who does not believe in miracles is not a realist

  51. Paris violated by evil but she and her people remain and will always remain the inspiring fount of beauty, culture and light. With love from all your friends in the UK

  52. Je suis très désole ! Paris es mi ciudad preferida desde siempre. Pensar en la tragedia que hoy enfrenta me llena de tristeza. En los últimos tres años hemos viajado muchas veces a esta maravillosa ciudad y cada viaje resulta una experiencia inspiradora; siempre un nuevo distrito que explorar y una aventura gastronómica increíble. Es una ciudad con una luz muy especial. Ruego a Dios que mantenga a su gente fuerte y valerosa y que esa luz jamás se apague.

  53. A very sad and frightening sign of the times in which we now live. May peace be soon restored to this troubled world.

  54. Paris is the visible symbol of Freedom. Our hearts are saddened by the murders on November 13th. Paris will live on reguardless of the events. Do not forget those who died. Aid those injured, repair our confidence in civility.

  55. An attack on Paris is an attack on all freedom through out the world. As an American , an attack on France is an attack on America, it is an attack on the world.
    I just returned from a vacation to Paris. My third trip to Paris with my wife. Paris is so loved by our family. It is the ‘jewel’ of the civilized world. It is impossible to view any attack or harm coming to Paris without viewing that attack as a direct attack to my home and family.
    I wish I could fly to Paris tomorrow with my wife and family. I want to sit is in the same cafes that were attacked. I want to sit in the table close to the street. I want to have a French and American flag sewed to my jacket. If I get shot and killed doing so; then it will be a good death.

    The most expensive thing in the world is Freedom. It always has been.

    We stand with France!

    John McCormick
    Stillwater, Oklahoma USA.

  56. My heart aches for the people of Paris. To know your city is to love it. At our home in the US, we fly the tricolore in solidarity with you.

    “But what a shining animal is man. Who knows, when pain subsides, that is not that, For worse than that must follow-yet can write Music, can laugh, play tennis, even plan.” Edna St Vincent Millay

    Vive la vile des lumieres.

  57. The France and the French that we know and love is too great, too noble, too brave to be daunted; its democracy soiled or its joie de vie stunted for long by this criminal excrement Solidarité !

  58. The barbarians and murderers who came to Paris last Friday are the same people who would torch the Louvre, blow up the Eiffel Tower and lay to waste all of the pretty neighborhoods. Has World War Three begun? The last one was against the forces of barbarity. Here we go again…..

  59. We are saddened beyond words. Having just returned from ten days in Paris, we stare at the images, see the places where we just stood, and ask how could this be real? How could anyone bring about such horrific tragedy?

    Paris was all that we had hoped it would be, and now – more than ever – we are determined to return.

    Our forever thoughts with you, Paris – from Texas.

  60. I find it impossible to understand the people who did this. It is simply incomprehensible. I have enjoyed many good days in beautiful Paris, a city where people lead an admirably open, relaxed lifestyle. Try not to change please…my thoughts are with you all.

  61. I am very sad about the tragedy wich struck Paris. My thoughts are with the people of Paris. I pay my respects to those who lost a beloved one or are injured in those barbaric attacks on innocent people who just wanted to have fun. It is to us, Paris lovers, to show that we will not stop visiting our beloved city. There is no terrorist who can stop me to visit Paris. Not now and certenly not in the future.

  62. Very sad. I love France and French hospitality and freedom. I will continue to think the same and visit France even more after these primitive and barbaric acts. French egalite fraternite et liberte will prevail. I am Canadian from Toronto and we stand with people of France.

  63. I’m shocked by these barbarian attacks wich took place in my beloved Paris. My thougts are with those who were killed or injured by those lunatics. I also pay my respects to those who lost a beloved one last Friday evening in the brutal attacks. I visited the city several times and i will visit Paris next year and no terrorist can hold me fot doing so. Je suis Paris

  64. My heart breaks for all of Paris and especially for the loved ones affected directly by this great loss. Together, together, together, love, love, love, this is the way to heal! Hate is brief, love is long, freedom is forever. Creative Paris will find a way to transform fear and pain to a new beginning. In the meantime there are tears and touch. Wish I could be there with all of you. You are not alone, the world is there with you.

  65. Our hearts reach out to all the people who have suffered from these terrible inhuman acts. We can empathise, and wish we could relieve your pain and suffering. May God be with you.

  66. I lived and worked in the 11th arrondissement for 6 years and, although it has been many years since I returned to England, the events of Friday night, so close to my former home, shocked me as deeply as if I had still been living there. The part of my heart that will always be Parisian aches for the people of that beautiful city and although I cannot be there in person to stand beside you, I am with you in spirit. Courage!

  67. Thinking about my many loved friends inFrance who make me most welcome 4 or 5 times a year.
    Absolutely devastated by what the Parisians and all French men and women are going through.
    Right will prevail in the end.
    God bless you all.

  68. Shocked and deeply saddened by this horrific attack in Paris.
    It just goes on and on Paris, Lebanon and Iraq. Our thoughts should be with everyone suffering from terrorism.

  69. Our support and prayers are with all the people of France. We stand together with all of France against terrorism, these atrocious acts only make us stronger. Goodness will always overcome evil.

  70. My first time in Paris was in September of 2014. Yes, another “American in Paris”. I loved every moment there and felt the presence of my “Benoit” ancestors. I will return……je t’aime Paris!

  71. My heart aches for the pain in Paris right now. This slaughter of innocents will not, however, keep me from visiting the France and the French people that I adore.

  72. I feel sad about the human race, I could cry for the unnecessary suffering.
    May a man have the first baby and all it entails, then all would think twice of ending life so cheaply and irresponsibly.
    Trojan horse comes to mind.
    Such cowards would not fight as a one to one would they!!!!!
    Any god bless those young/old souls, I could cry, what a terrible waste.
    My thoughts go out to these families, I send my love and support.
    Vi La France, beautiful place and beautiful people.

  73. From Australia,we are so sad for Paris.We were ther in September and love it and all of France.Such a senseless act but We have faith in the French people and know that they will not let this defeat them but only make them stronger.Vive la France!

  74. Whatever these depraved beings do, the three truths will still remain, Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite. Vive La France!

  75. I was grief stricken as I followed the news about the horrific events in my beloved city of Paris. It is still unbelievable to me that people can commit such atrocious acts about their fellow man. I have been invited to give a lecture on Art Deco by the Paris Art Deco Society and all my friends are concerned about my going to Paris now. I tell them that nothing will deter me. I am more resolved than ever to be there and celebrate in the “City of Light”! Aujourd’hui et pour toujours, je suis Paris et France!

  76. My thoughts are with the wonderful people of Paris, especially those families who have lost loved ones. Stay strong.

  77. With great sadness, we ALL witnessed the tragedy in France, and we hold ALL of you in our thoughts and prayers here in America. I know the people have great pride in their beautiful Paris and I too, loved visiting four times this Most Beautiful City. May those who “hate” NOT overtake those who love. Stay strong, be vigilant and do NOT accept the demands that haters use on beautiful France.

  78. Our Prayers Continue for Paris and for all the good people of France! God Bless! God Speed! God Save us from harm!

  79. ????????????❤️ Sending Prayers… My heart breaks ???? & is filled with sadness for your country, the victims and the families. All the people of Paris are in my prayers and heart❤️ Vive La France! ???????? ❤????????

  80. I was so inspired by the people at Stade de Francais spontaneously singing the Marseillaise to show that they would not be intimidated by acts of terrorism.

  81. Our hearts are full of sadness for the city of Paris and its wonderful citizens. We have visited many times, but I will hold special memories of our visit shortly after hurricane Katrina impacted our lives. I will never forget the outpouring of kindness and concern that we received from every Parisian we encountered. It meant so much to us and now I wish we were there to express our caring directly to our friends in that wonderful city. We are with you in spirit and send our prayers for strength and recovery.

  82. I have no doubt that the beautiful spirit of this city and its people will prevail. The horror of this attack will never be forgotten as it is an affront to all who believe in freedom of the spirit and mind and who treasure youth.

  83. Such a horrid act to commit in my most favourite of cities, my heart cries many tears for you. But you will find happiness and love again and I for one cannot wait to revisiit and bathe in the beauty and history again!!!

  84. I was in France when 9-11 happened. The people of France were so caring and sympathetic to my husband and I. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of my beautiful Paris.My heart is with you.

  85. Thinking of you all in Paris after such a terrible ordeal. Remain strong and resist the fear. Continue living and show the world that France is not alone in this. Cannot wait to arrive in a month and have a lovely Christmas in France. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. Viva La France!

  86. Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of France. We stand with you against all terrorist, good will always overcome evil. God Bless you in your grief and may it help to comfort you to know that your not on your own, may our love surround you and comfort you.

  87. Je suis tres desole pour le citizens de Paris. But also for others in the world who have and are suffering from the fanaticism of a few. My thoughts are with you and of course we are planning our return to Paris. I know French resilience will take them through this and the rest of the world is with you in solidarity.

  88. My thoughts and prayers are with the innocent people of France. Although Perth is along way from Paris I’m always there in thought as Paris is my favourite city in the world. I visit each year and will continue to visit until I have my dream to move there and live my life with you all.

  89. Toutes mes condoleances. The French people are courageous and resilient. They have supported the United States since our separation from British rule and have inspired us with their love of culture and cuisine. They represent the face of democracy and humanism in the face of overwhelming pressure to be inhumane.

    Reprenez courage!

  90. There is now much hue and cry in social media about why the attention on Paris when other places have also had IS attacks. I have my personal answer to that: because I love Paris; I have been there twice and I feel for Paris now.

  91. My family are so sad. Our hearts are heavy with sorrow. My husband and I are old now and we have witnessed many bad things that have happened in this wonderful world of ours. When will we learn ? We have family living in Paris – we love Paris – we weep for Paris. Paris is shocked, but NOT broken.

  92. My wife and I do a great amount of international travel and for years we never included Paris in our travel plans as we fell into the rumor mill stating that the French are rude to Americans. How wrong we were! We have been vacationing in Paris for two to three weeks every year for the past five years. Our hearts go out to all the beautiful people in this fantastic city. Everyone we ever met went out of their way to help us with our needs from the time we land at Charles DeGaulle Airport to our stay in Marne Valle Chessy. I am a Commander of an American Legion and I have our flags flying at half mast in honor of our friends that we have met and those that we have never met.

  93. There is a large hole in my heart for the whole of France and Paris in particular. I am burning a peace candle in memory of my recent holiday in Paris and for all those touched by this unspeakable tragedy. The best response is to live defiantly. Words are so inadequate.

  94. To the beautiful people of France:

    A truly wonderful country such as yours will not be deterred by the senseless and horrific acts of the inhumane,but will be strengthened and more determined than ever to keep its culture and spirit. Our thoughts and prayers are with you throughout this time of great sorrow.

  95. My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris! I look forward to visiting your beautiful city in the Spring. Stay strong! Paris je t’aime❣❣
    New Jersey USA

  96. Tears are flowing now for Paris: my most cherished place on earth. I have spent my life immersing myself in it’s exquisite language, culture and artistic expression that completes my quintessential France. Every time I am lucky enough to fly to Paris I take a break from normality to breathe in a such sense of happiness and fulfillment that I feel like I am coming home. The French people always make me feel so welcome and comfortable that each trip just makes me crave for more. My “City of Light” shines in my Heart Forever!!

  97. Devastating destruction of lives, while it has become a sad reality, will never dampen the spirit of my favorite place in the world . I will be back, Paris, as I do every year. You and your people will go on & let’s squelch these heartless beasts for the safety of our world. Whatever it takes, I say.

  98. Vive La France!….. A tragedy conducted by cowards. French security rapid and efficient… France you are a credit and a shining example to the rest of the world on how to react to terrorism. I salute all the French people.

  99. Paris is my Life, my Love and my Inspiration! My adored “City of Light” and her people will continue to shine in my Heart Forever!!

  100. On the eve of that massacre, I was reviewing AN AMERICAN IN PARIS on a visit to New York City, another that has survived an attack by maniacs of the same ilk. We of the audience were at that time, each and all, like the onstage titular lover of Paris. No one will end my continuing love for Paris and France and my long-loved Parisien friend, many cherished acquaintances, and the arts that flourish there. I pray for another Charles Martel to lead the forces of civilization against the murderous barbarians. Allons!

  101. My heart is heavy at the horrible tragedy that has befallen the most beautiful city in the world. May love and light prevail. ❤

  102. Mon beau pays, mon doux pays, je pleure avec toi, et je prie pour la paix partout dans monde.
    Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité
    Vive la France

  103. My heart breaks for you Paris and all affected by these evil, brainwashed, haters of mankind. May my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ protect and comfort us all and rain down His perfect justice on the perpetrators and any who choose evil in this world! You will never win by harming innocents. Paris, we love you and we in the USA are with you!

  104. I weep for those who have lost loved ones and my family are shocked and saddened by this act of those dreadful people who do not share the same value for life as we do. My son feels for the people of Paris as they where living in the city of London when they had bombings and were never sure of when the next would happen. Even we in Australia could be the next target for these evil people. God bless the people of Paris and France and pray that it will not happen again.

  105. Words can’t express our sorrow at these horrifying events .How can humans do this?
    Deepest condolences to all who have been affected. Drawn strength from the love sent from around the world.

  106. May the families, friends and acquaintances of those who have died and may the people of Paris take some comfort from knowing there is a lot of love directed towards them. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. (this message is sent from Bassendean, Western Australia)

  107. We pray for Paris. We pray our Lady of Lourdes protects all of France. Everyone I speak with are so sad and so many prayers are being prayed for all of France especially those who have Lost loved ones. God bless

  108. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost loved ones in Paris and for all in France. We love
    the people of Paris. I believe goodness and love will always overcome evil and hatred. WE LOVE

  109. My thoughts and prayers for all in Paris. It is a city we love and try to visit every year. I believe
    goodness and love will conquer evil and hatred. WE LOVE YOU PARIS.

  110. Our hearts are broken. I remember so well how all of France stood by our country on Sept. 11. We are One with with France today.

  111. So, so sad about the many losses suffered at the hands of such cowards…so sad.
    I can only hope that these extremists WILL NOT OVERCOME if we continue to live our lives free, strong and WITHOUT fear.
    I will be living in Paris for 3 months (wish it could be longer) early next year and NOT FOR A SECOND have I considered changing these plans. THEY will not scare me into submission by their inhuman acts.
    Be strong Paris…France…show the world what we all know you are made of!

  112. Paris has been my inspiration my entire life—and it continues to be today. Each Parisian friend whom I called on that fateful night echoed the same thought: Love must win. Peace must reign. While I cried for them, they had a unified defiant voice that made me feel strong again too. To honor my friends, the country I love so much, and the city where I long to be, Paris, I send my prayers, love and strength. My heart is with you, Paris.

  113. 4 1/2 years ago my husband and I honeymooned in Paris because he had never been in Europe, had always wanted to visit Paris and thought “Who better to see Paris with than with somebody who speaks like a native?!” since his bride lived in Aix-en-Provence. Well, he fell in love with the City of Light and we returned last year in spite of Charlie Hebdo and had booked our return for this summer already when the horrendous events occurred. BUT, like last year’s terrorist attack, we will not be cowed by those who are hoping to dim those brilliant Paris lights. While we will grieve for all the lives so senselessly lost we will also rise up in righteous wrath and realize that WE have a right to continue to live our lives in our beloved Paris.

  114. Again the image of “Max”, Jean Moulin, emerges from the average people in the street: he must defend himself and the neighbor, and her son, from barbarism, from a new kind of occupation.
    Paris, the capital of the Arts & Sciences for centuries, and France, birthplace of republicanism and iguality, fraternity and freedom ideas. Vive la France !!!

  115. France began its war against ISIS on September 30 by bombing and strafing numerous targets in Syria. Many hundreds of non-combatant Syrians have died or been seriously injured as a result. These deaths and injuries are called “collateral damage of war” and have not even been acknowledged, let alone mourned, in the West. The attacks in Paris were no more barbaric than the French attacks in Syria. But then…all acts of war are barbaric. Let us mourn all the dead who die needlessly in war, but let’s remember who started this one.

  116. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
    Evil will never defeat truth and love.
    To the people of Paris. With love. Ireland

  117. Aux armes, citoyens, To arms, citizens,
    Formez vos bataillons, Form your battalions,
    Marchons, marchons ! Let’s march, let’s march!
    Qu’un sang impur Let an impure blood
    Abreuve nos sillons ! Water our furrows!

  118. No one can take away the beauty of Paris no matter how hard they try, and our hearts are with the people of Paris and anybody who has been touched by this tragedy. We send our loving thoughts to you all.

  119. There are no words to express the senseless and unexpected slaughter of innocent souls in your beautiful city, but hope will prevail. I will always remember how Paris welcomed me.

  120. While terrible, the incidents in Paris were confined to a very small part of the north east of Paris, 10th and 11th arrondissements and not near the main tourist or historic center which has been well protected for years by armed patrols of soldiers. Maybe the armed patrols were effective shunting the terrible incidents elsewhere. The media has exaggerated the extent of the terrible area of carnage. Paris or London or New York or Sydney or college campuses in America and other major cities are all about as vulnerable and as safe at the same time as each other. Don’t let these events affect you too much; grieve and keep living in honor of those innocents whose lives were taken too soon.

  121. My thoughts are with all people in the world and particularly the people of Paris. We will not be defeated by ignorance and intolerance. They cannot destroy freedom and decency with bullets and bombs. Paris lives.

  122. My thoughts and prayers are with all Parisians! Paris is my favorite city in the world, you are all strong and will survive – I love Paris and will be back soon. My Sympathy to all who have lost friends, family.

  123. Although I am an American, I have always felt very connected to France. I have visited very often and have a love for the country. I am so sad about the terrorist attacks and I support whatever France decides to do. I lived through 9-11 and my husband was there and his building was demolished and now this.
    I pray for the people, I pray for Paris, I pray for France and I pray for democracy all over the world.

  124. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love Paris so I don’t need to tell you how heartbroken and horrified I am by these horrible events. I would be appalled and saddened if this had happened anywhere, but in the city of my dreams, I am doubly so. Paris survived the French Revolution, the siege of Paris by the Prussians, the Commune, the Nazi occupation. Parisians are strong and resilient, and they will survive this. And I will return next year and the next year and as many years as I am able. Vive la France!

  125. Don’t let the terrorists win. Turn on the lights…go to the Cafes and the Theatres…visit Paris and stay longer than you planned… Do it now. Don’t let them win.

  126. Words cant really describe the shocking waste of innocent lives, for what? some twisted ideology that should have been left in the stone ages…
    Paris and its people with recover and become stronger, it is a beautiful City, our thoughts are with you all.
    Qu’ils reposent en paix!

  127. I am French, from Paris and I am deeply touched by all the people around the world who show their sympathy to us. . It helps us to feel stronger and determinated.
    “Fluctua nec mergitur”!
    Thanks a lot to all of you!

  128. My heart and prayers go out to the Parisians and others who have suffered a loss during this tragic and senseless event. I spent 10 wonderful days in Paris in September exploring this magnificent city and I grieve with you. The Parisians were so welcoming and gracious throughout my stay and it is one trip I will never forget. May they be comforted to know that so many around the world are praying for them and their beautiful country.

  129. A dreadful event affecting so many ordinary citizens of Paris. Adelaide (South Australia) showed its support for the French people living in our city, for the Parisians and all of France at this sad time on Tuesday 17th November at a late afternoon event. ‘J’aime Paris au mois de mai / Quand les bourgeons renaissent / Qu’ une novelle jeunesse …’

  130. My thoughts are with all the people of France in these terrible days of sadness and all innocent people caught up in conflict and war those who died and those still suffering from injuries caused by the attacks

  131. My daughters could have been there. Brings it home to you.
    Can’t imagine how broken all the families and all the people of Paris are feeling.
    I can share this distress, even as an Ex-pat. Solidarité.
    We can defeat this together, as compassionate human beings.

  132. Since I live and work in Paris, I thank you all for your nice words.
    “I think therefore I am”, wrote Descartes.
    “Fluctuat nec mergitur” is the motto of Paris : make it yours…

  133. I was born there many, many years ago and my heart aches for my city. I was horrified with what happened last Friday night, which I watched live on TV5, and I am crying with all those families that have lost loved ones and have loved ones hurt by a barbaric group. But Paris will prevail, France will prevail. Vive la France!

  134. Here in Australia France is such a long way away but it has affected our country greatly. We have been to France quite a few times over the years, the last trip being not that long ago, and travelled that beautiful country from north to south but always start and end in Paris……..everything for us starts and ends in Paris. We have such respect for the way the French live their life, so different from anywhere else on this still beautiful planet. We have encountered many warm and hospitable people in France and our thoughts and prayers are with all living in that amazing country. We are deeply saddened and grieve along side therm all. These cowardly evil monsters committed a crime on all humanity and they will be broken. Stay strong Paris, the world is with you. Bless you all.

  135. My thoughts, prayers and heart go to the people of Paris and the rest of France. I applaud the swift action of the police and military in their attempt to track down the people who caused this destruction. The United States stands with France and grieves with you.

    I love to visit Paris and the rest of France and hope to get back there someday.

  136. We stayed very happily in the 11th only last September and now we offer our condolences to the people of Paris and to the people of France who have been so kind to us on our many visits over the years.

  137. From a Facebook posting that sums up why so many people care about Paris.
    Blackpoodles Santa Barbara November 13, 2015
    France embodies everything religious zealots everywhere hate: enjoyment of life here on earth in a myriad little ways: a fragrant cup of coffee and buttery croissant in the morning, beautiful women in short dresses smiling freely on the street, the smell of warm bread, a bottle of wine shared with friends, a dab of perfume, children playing in the Luxembourg Gardens, the right not to believe in any god, not to worry about calories, to flirt and smoke and enjoy sex outside of marriage, to take vacations, to read any book you want, to go to school for free, to play, to laugh, to argue, to make fun of prelates and politicians alike, to leave worrying about the afterlife to the dead.
    No country does life on earth better than the French.
    Paris, we love you. We cry for you. You are mourning tonight, and we with you. We know you will laugh again, and sing again, and make love, and heal, because loving life is your essence. The forces of darkness will ebb. They will lose. They always do.

  138. We both love Paris and can only say how sorry we are that so many people lost their lives to terrorists. We will continue to visit and this atrocity will not stop people of good faith from going to the most wonderful city in the world.

    Paris je t’aime

  139. I am so sad for the people of Paris and French people everywhere. I wish there was something I could do to help victims and their families with their pain. As best I can, I will continue to write about Paris in my blog. (I have been without words, almost, since last Friday.) We must not be deterred from visiting what I consider to be the most beautiful and elegant city on earth. Vive la France! Paris, je t’aime.

  140. je suis Paris! Prayers for all those who died or were injured by this cowardly act of violence against a beautiful people in the most beautiful city. I will continue to come to Paris as I have for years. Fear is not an option!

  141. We love Paris! We are going in January to celebrate its spirit and vitality. Our thoughts and condolences to all of France. You will always be the City of Light.

  142. I, like the rest of our world was/am devasted by the tragedy of Paris. I have followed it with sorrow in my heart. What made me cry and smile at the same time, is what I will always remember; Parisians leaving the football arena singing The French National Anthem. What Beautiful music and words. God bless you all. Michele

  143. The tragedy that has swept through Paris and all of France, and throughout our world has not wavered the love and solidarity we all have for you at this time.These merciless people will not take the heart away from Paris or it’s people, it will not alter that, and I can’t wait to visit Paris once again in January, we are not afraid of them!! We stand united!! I send to the family, and friends of the innocent people that were killed in this atrocity all the love, prayers, and hope…I light a Candle daily for you all..L O V E… P E A C E… H O P E…

  144. We are so sad that Paris, our favorite city, which we have visited many times, has been attacked. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Parisians and all of France.

  145. I was born and raised in Paris, 3 generations de Paris !!
    My heart hurts for the families and no words can be said to express the sadness
    My Paris will always be there, beautiful chic and full of life forever

  146. I have not been to Paris since 2012 but I went there about avo0ut 10 times before that and want very much to g9o in 2016 while we are in Nice for 10 weeks. I love the city and have missed it very much and am so sorry that so many people suffered n the last terrorist attack. Many people here in the us ask why we would go again with the possibility of terrorist attacks. the first year we went to Paris was right after 9 11 and the world trade center attacks we were asked the same question. I feel that letting fear rule our lives and allowing the terrorists to win. in a way it is easy for me to say because the us is so big that the chances of me being anywhere near any attacks here are slim but I am with Parisians all the way I loved the city from the very first visit I have felt at like I am at home there and felt like I belong there

  147. been to Paris many times over the years, always a joy to sit in the cafe’s and walk along the bank of the Seine and enjoy the art, just everything about it is magical and wonderful and I love the French so much, such lovely kind people. I have a house a couple of hours South near the Loire and in the process of converting attached barn to gites for my new retirement venture! and as a woman alone, I have no intention of giving it all up and pray that tourists and visitors will continue to travel to France to enjoy its beauty and culinary delights! I pray for the families who have been affected and for the victims of such terrible atrocity. French should be rightly proud of your strength and courage you are amazing. fraternite, Solidarite, egalite, Fluctua nec mergitur. God bless you Paris

  148. My heart goes out to all the people of Paris. So grateful to have been able to visit your beautiful city my first time this spring.It will not be my last.Cowards can not beat you or any of us down. Viva la France!

  149. I love Paris and the people of Paris. I have visited your beautiful city several times and will continue to do so. Parisians are kind and loving people and I want them to know that we all feel the pain they are experiencing.
    I will return to Paris and will once again feel the kindness and love of the Parisians.

  150. My wife and I have visited your beautiful City of Paris so many times and the actions of these sick minded animals will never stop us visiting. Although, it doesn’t help you in your time of grief, I am sure that the weight of the Worlds Hatred upon this mindless minority, will ensure that they never see the so called paradise they seek. They are blind the ‘Paradise is in front of them it’s Paris’!!
    Much Love Always Steve & Gill Carey

  151. Comme argentine je veux dire toute ma tristesse et ma douleur por ce qui ce passe a Paris !!!!!! Paris sera toujours Paris et il ný aura personne au monde qui pourra le détruir !!!!! personne !!!!