Our thoughts are with the people of Paris

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Our thoughts are with the people of Paris
To all our friends and followers, to all those who share with us a love of Paris, we just want to say how shocked and sorry we are for the people of Paris, and especially for the friends and families of those who lost their lives or have been injured. Our sympathies and thoughts are with them. We will show our solidarity and support for France and Paris by continuing to write about its beauty, culture and history which have given us all so much pleasure and joy over the years. If you have anything you wish to say or add to our message please feel free to comment at the foot of this post on the website. Sincerely, The Bonjour Paris Editors

Lead photo credit : Rainbow over Eiffel tower, Paris

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  • Claudia Dulmage
    2015-11-16 16:35:48
    Claudia Dulmage
    And yes, Edith, you are exactly right to evoke the term barbarians, because that is exactly what these misguided, blighted zealots are -- they have distorted and poisoned the teachings of their own religion, have totally failed to keep up with the evolution of human civilization, and indeed want to see all of us revert back to darkness, ignorance and subjugation. A pox on all their houses! -- and Vive la France!