Our thoughts are with the people of Paris

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Our thoughts are with the people of Paris
To all our friends and followers, to all those who share with us a love of Paris, we just want to say how shocked and sorry we are for the people of Paris, and especially for the friends and families of those who lost their lives or have been injured. Our sympathies and thoughts are with them. We will show our solidarity and support for France and Paris by continuing to write about its beauty, culture and history which have given us all so much pleasure and joy over the years. If you have anything you wish to say or add to our message please feel free to comment at the foot of this post on the website. Sincerely, The Bonjour Paris Editors

Lead photo credit : Rainbow over Eiffel tower, Paris

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  • Nick Matthews
    2015-11-16 16:32:34
    Nick Matthews
    There Are No Words Paris is beautiful and wins. Nick Matthews. National Poet ("When Will We Ever Learn?" New WW1 poems and images on AMAZON) There are no words that touch the hearts of those That like to know how close we are. But when the sunlight glistens on the Seine We dance in Paris bars and merry on. “What does this horde of slaves Of traitors and conspiratorial devils want?” They have no minds and hearts And fail in every part to halt our lives. In summer breeze Horizon Angels sparkle In our eyes and Paris fun transports Our minds to golden sun in busy markets And happy byways on the heights. On winter nights we dress in sunny clothes And eat at lively restaurants with Lovely music in our ears All full of light and Joy! In Paris, look at us in restaurants on boulevards Long shaded from the Easter sun We dance all night to dawn And love the moment more than anyone. We danced till two while making friends with People that we didn’t know and laughed along The way to home and warmth To hug our Paris that we love. We found the byways warm in France Which led us in a mystery to new discovered places That we took for love and there a river full of Tumbled magic stones which is forever ours. We claimed it one hot afternoon And hold it in our arms when dressing up for Party fun we can be anyone Because we know just who we are and where we go