Our thoughts are with the people of Paris

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Our thoughts are with the people of Paris
To all our friends and followers, to all those who share with us a love of Paris, we just want to say how shocked and sorry we are for the people of Paris, and especially for the friends and families of those who lost their lives or have been injured. Our sympathies and thoughts are with them. We will show our solidarity and support for France and Paris by continuing to write about its beauty, culture and history which have given us all so much pleasure and joy over the years. If you have anything you wish to say or add to our message please feel free to comment at the foot of this post on the website. Sincerely, The Bonjour Paris Editors

Lead photo credit : Rainbow over Eiffel tower, Paris

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  • Dianne H
    2015-11-18 21:47:09
    Dianne H
    Here in Australia France is such a long way away but it has affected our country greatly. We have been to France quite a few times over the years, the last trip being not that long ago, and travelled that beautiful country from north to south but always start and end in Paris........everything for us starts and ends in Paris. We have such respect for the way the French live their life, so different from anywhere else on this still beautiful planet. We have encountered many warm and hospitable people in France and our thoughts and prayers are with all living in that amazing country. We are deeply saddened and grieve along side therm all. These cowardly evil monsters committed a crime on all humanity and they will be broken. Stay strong Paris, the world is with you. Bless you all.