Jean-François Piège Opens New Grill in 1st Arrondissement

Jean-François Piège Opens New Grill in 1st Arrondissement
In 2014, the two Michelin starred Jean-François Piège opened an intimate new restaurant in the 7th, on rue Perronet. The vision was to create hearty fare but not in the style of another Parisian bistro or brasserie; this was to be a true restaurant de quartier. This tiny restaurant has been a huge success, with its 20 covers in high demand, and we are delighted to hear that Piège is opening another outpost of Clover, in the form of a grill. The Clover Grill is set in the heart of Paris, in the 1st arrondissement, adding to the list of notable new restaurants (the Canopée des Halles, the soon-to-reopen Samaritaine, etc) that are pumping new life into this district. What’s cooking? Jean-François Piège’s desire with the Clover Grill is to create an inventive new culinary space, dedicated to cooking à la braise and with rotisserie. The highest quality Kansas prime Angus beef, Bavarian beef and cuts from the Aquitaine region are all selected by Oliver Metzger, Piège’s most trusted butcher. The rotisserie will be laden with the finest chicken from Bresse and Duck from Madame Burgaud. Lovers of seafood are also well catered for, with grilled blue lobster and a selection of fresh fish. Desserts also face the flame, with a number of inventive dishes based on roasted pineapple and bananas, as well as grilled fruit tarts, delicious! The Interior Jean-François Piège’s wife, Elodie, the mastermind behind the minimalist decor of the first Clover restaurant, is behind the interiors. Mahogany woodwork, a marble slab bar-top, handmade leather chairs, and intricate azulejos tiles from Portugal make for an enigmatic atmosphere. Most importantly, however, the couple stress that this is a simple, warm restaurant; a place where families and friends can relax and be themselves. Cocktails by The Experimental Cocktail Club Perhaps most exciting is the drinks menu, meticulously worked on by The Experimental Cocktail Club. Jean-François Piège met this team of artisan bartenders at a gastronomy festival in Paris, and has contracted them to invent 9 innovative new cocktails for his grill, using the freshest ingredients and stylish techniques. The Clover Grill is open Monday to Saturday evenings, 19.30 to 22.30. CLOVER GRILL 6 rue Bailleul 75001 Paris Tel: Visit the Clover Grill website here.

Lead photo credit : Photo by Clover Grill

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