7 Evergreen French Style Items to Have in Your Wardrobe

7 Evergreen French Style Items to Have in Your Wardrobe

As the seasons change and one rolls into the next, there’s no better time to give your wardrobe a thorough edit and revamp. Some wardrobe staples are built to last and carry you from season to season, and these seven “evergreen” – or, timeless – items are meant to do just that. Here on this list, you’ll find fashion pieces that’ll appear in almost every French person’s wardrobe to carry them through the day and into the night (and even to the airport), seamlessly and stylishly.

1. A Scarf

It doesn’t get more French than a scarf, n’est-ce pas? Add any French scarf to your look to get some perfect French flair. Be it a dressy scarf, or a more casual one, this item is the ultimate timeless piece for a French-inspired wardrobe.


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2. A Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress (“LBD”) is a must-have in your style arsenal, and any French person worth their salt has theirs. Black is a much-beloved color to wear in Paris, and it’s easy to see why: It elevates any look in an instant.

You can dress up your LBD for a night out in the 9th at the opera or ballet at the Palais Garnier or low-key cocktails with friends in the always-a-good-time 11th arrondissement of Oberkampf. If you have business to attend to in Paris – first off, lucky you – you can throw a blazer over your LBD to make it more business-like and suitable for daytime meetings.

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3. A Stylish Jacket or Blazer You Love

Trench? Blazer? Coat that’s a statement-maker? You pick! A stylish jacket or blazer is an additional must for a French-inspired wardrobe, and it instantly crowns you as a taste-maker and style-setter. It takes guts to live your truly stylish life in a way that speaks to you – whether that way is understated, casual, androgynous, and quiet colors; or, bold, sexy, short, and loud. You’re the author of your style story – it’s yours for the choosing.

4. Everyday Shoes for Walking around Paris

You won’t typically find a French person walking around in their Nike trainers or New Balance sneakers, but what you will often see is understated – yet severely chic – white or black or blue nondescript tennis shoes to pair with jeans or a dress or the like.

Ditch the emblem-bearing shoes meant for the gym and grab a more “quiet” pair instead. They’ll work with any look. The French love their Bensimons, which have been called the “French version of Keds.”

5. A Suitcase!

Approximately 300 million people worldwide speak French, and it being such a widely spoken language opens many doors for native speakers and French learners. Cayenne, French Guiana, has long been on my Travel Bucket List for this reason (among others) – I can speak the language there. Get yourself a sturdy and chic suitcase for globetrotting.

Louis Vuitton is known for its gorgeous luggage, but if that’s not in your budget, there are many good-looking, budget-friendly options for the most savvy – and style-minded – of shoppers.

6. A White Button-Up Shirt

Much like the Little Black Dress, a white button-up shirt is a timeless must for any closet. And like the LBD, it can be dressed up, or dressed down. It’s perfect for a day exploring Paris sites in the 1st or enjoying a wild night out in Montmartre. Like a chameleon, a white button-up shirt can appear in many ways; its versatility makes it timeless.

7. Well-Fitting Blue Jeans

Jeans! Just ask singer Carla Bruni, who wears her jeans with a sweet smile and confidence. A well-fitting pair of blue jeans will carry you through your weeks, your days, and your years.

French model and taste-maker Sabina Socol demonstrates how perfectly great jeans can be the ultimate uniform for a day in Paris. Whether you’re ascending the Paris Métro stairs to complete an errand or heading to meet your partner for a mid-day glass of champagne or an espresso, jeans are “It” as far as many French folks are concerned.

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