Paris Vignettes: Montmartre from Above

Paris Vignettes: Montmartre from Above

Early one morning, Richard Nahem, a good friend who conducts tours and has his own website, invited me to walk up the many steps of Sacré-Cœur in Montmartre to see what we could see. It was a nice, clear day and when we arrived at the top, we could see patterns emerge of the various buildings and neighborhoods below(“les batiments pres de Sacre Couer I and II”). We realized that even the grassy areas below the basilica are carefully and artistically laid out (“les carrés verts”).    

After our visit, I headed towards the back of Sacré-Cœur to experience a different perspective of the domes (“derriere Sacre Coeur”) vs the classic view from the front. Wandering through these streets, there were fewer tourists, and I appreciated the views of chimneys (“les cheminées artistique”) and the classic stairways in Montmartre (“les marches dans Montmartre”). Heading back home to Le Marais, the vast windows of “Le Progrés” were like a TV screen reflecting conversations among attractive and interesting people.

La Maison Rose, Photo credit: William O’Such

Derriere Sacre Couer, Photo credit: William O’Such

Le Dome, Photo credit: William O’Such

Le Progres, Photo credit: William O’Such

Les Batiments Pres de Sacre Couer I, Photo credit: William O’Such

Les Batiments Pres de Sacre Couer II, Photo credit: William O’Such

Les Cartes Sans Histoire, Photo credit: William O’Such

Les Marches dans Montmartre, Photo credit: William O’Such

Les Cheminees Artistiques, Photo credit: William O’Such

Vegetation Verticale, Photo credit: William O’Such

Waouh Waouh, Photo credit: William O’Such

Lead photo credit : Les Carrés Verts, Photo credit: William O'Such

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