Paris Walks: Explore La Cité Florale in the 13th

Paris Walks: Explore La Cité Florale in the 13th
With its many high-rise buildings and industrial feel, one might be inclined to pass over the 13th arrondissement while on a trip to Paris, but this district is full of surprises. In fact, it is one of the best places to experience the city off-the-beaten-track. Not only is the 13th a treasure trove of diverse eateries and bars, with a rich street-art scene, but this Parisian district is also dotted with picturesque neighborhoods, such as the Butte-aux-Cailles, La Petite Alsace and La Cité Florale. A walk through these neighborhood — with their small gated houses and distinct architecture — provides a window into a lesser-known slice of Parisian life. La Cité Florale. Photo by Pronoti Baglary La Cité Florale: A ‘micro-arrondissement’ in the 13eme True to its name, La Cité Florale is a stunning “micro-arrondissement,” which can very well be translated as something akin to an urban village within a city. A walk through this tiny, leafy, almost-triangle shaped quarter is a treat for the senses. La Cité Florale. Photo by Pronoti Baglary In a land that once used to be an oft-flooded meadow, La Cité Florale came to be built around 1928. This mini-hamlet is today surrounded by tall buildings on all sides, which amplifies the feeling of being in a floral oasis, when you walk through here. Far from the Haussmannian style of buildings for which Paris is known, the shaded cobblestone streets here are lined on both sides by small and sometimes-gated private houses, painted in beautiful colors. With elegant, wrought-iron designs on the windows and gates, the architecture of the houses bears the strong imprint of the Art Deco movement that was hugely popular during the early 1900s. La Cité Florale. Photo by Pronoti Baglary

Lead photo credit : La Cité Florale. Photo by Pronoti Baglary

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