Visit the Cluny Medieval Museum in Paris

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Visit the Cluny Medieval Museum in Paris
Travel back centuries to the museum built around the ruins of a Gallo-Roman Bath in the Latin Quarter. Before it closes for renovations at the end of September, the Musée de Cluny – Musée national du Moyen Âge will host special celebratory events. We have been granted a reprieve! Before the coronavirus lockdown in Paris, the plan was for this lovely museum to close its doors at the end of June 2020 and not reopen until the Spring of 2021. This closure was intended to complete the top-to-bottom renovations that commenced in 2016. But the Cluny Museum directors decided the long coronavirus-based closure required that they reopen for a time this year- namely July 1- September 28, after which the museum will shutter for the aforementioned renovation. Vue extérieure de l’hôtel des abbés de Cluny. Vue de la cour depuis la galerie supérieure. Paris, musée de Cluny – musée national du Moyen Âge. © RMN-Grand Palais / Thierry Ollivier Until recently the website was confusing as to what was open, and what was not; none of the English translations had been updated; and Adam, the little interactive cartoon question and answer man was still showing an early closure and other misinformation. Now, although some of the English is still not entirely updated Adam has totally updated his corner of the site (though, again, only in French) so I was able to “speak” with him in detail. Therefore, be assured that he and I are now “d’accord” when I discuss below what is available these two months. If you read French, feel free to go to ask questions of Adam yourself. He is an antique statue on display in the museum in his sculpted glory, but made into a cartoon for the website, now wearing a mask, and he is there to solve your problems. Here is the link to the most practical and useful page on the website where you can find all of the links, as well as the one to Adam. (And don’t miss Adam’s quiz to “tester votre connaissance sur le Moyen Age”- fun!) Also on that page you will find information on events include a “Masterpieces of the Museum” exhibit on August 3, and a “Program of the Festive Weekend and Closing of the Cluny Museum” on September 18 – and at that time there will be interpretive dancing around the collections. Also there is a singing tour to the works on Sunday September 20 and other dance, theater and music creating sensory experiences described in this new site addition as a “joyful and free celebration of heritage before the museum closes its doors for the last phase of the work.” Adam. Provenant de Notre-Dame de Paris. Vers 1260 Paris, musée de Cluny – musée national du Moyen Âge. © RMN-Grand Palais / Hervé Lewandowski

Lead photo credit : Tenture de Saint Etienne : le corps du martyr exposé aux bêtes. Vers 1500. Paris, musée de Cluny - musée national du Moyen Âge. © Rmn-Grand Palais / Jean- Gilles Berizzi

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  • Diana Nicholson
    2020-08-07 09:37:12
    Diana Nicholson
    Wonderful history lesson. My next visit to Paris will Definitely include a day in and around this museum.