The City of Light: Paris Lives Up to Its Sparkling Name

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The City of Light: Paris Lives Up to Its Sparkling Name
Is it Elon? Branson? Bezos? Captain Kirk? Maezawa? When you look toward the top of the famed multi-storied Christmas tree at Galeries Lafayette, you see an astronaut in red, with bushy white eyebrows and beard tucked in his space helmet. Santa takes flight at Galeries Lafayette. © Meredith Mullins Yes. It’s Santa. Fitting seamlessly into 2021 news. And he’s on the run … weightlessly … with things to do and places to go. Where is Santa floating to next? © Meredith Mullins Paris is alive and bursting with holiday spirit. Boulevard Haussmann: The Magic Mile. © Meredith Mullins ‘Twas . . . ‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the city The sparkles were dazzling and windows looked pretty. The Guccis and Hermèses were presented with care In hopes that Père Noël would bring some to share. A duel for Prada. © Meredith Mullins Santa appeared here and there, as spacemen and hipsters There were even secret sightings provided by tipsters. He played rock guitar and floated weightless in space And worked hard with blue elves to keep up the pace Santa rocks out. © Meredith Mullins

Lead photo credit : The Christmas Village at Hôtel de Ville © Meredith Mullins

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Meredith Mullins is an internationally exhibited fine art photographer and instructor based in Paris. Her work is held in private and museum collections in Europe and the U.S. and can be seen at or in her award-winning book "In A Paris Moment." (If you’re in Paris, a few rare, signed copies are available at Shakespeare and Company and Red Wheelbarrow.) She is a writer for OIC Moments and other travel and education publications.


  • Jehan Valiquet
    2021-12-23 10:27:32
    Jehan Valiquet
    Bonjour de Montreal en ce 23 decembre 2021 Madame Mullins, Vos photos sont superbes..Quel talent! Je vous souhaite un agréable temps des Fêtes. Wishing you super holidays. Stay safe! Jehan