Serious Cool Factor at LE BHV MARAIS

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Serious Cool Factor at LE BHV MARAIS
You’d be hard-pressed to find a cooler rooftop hang-out than Le Perchoir atop the famous BHV department store in the Marais. Le Perchoir has a number of notable bar-lounges in Paris (here’s looking at you, Gare de l’Est!) but this sky-high perch affords stunning panoramas of the city skyline—you can see the Panthéon, the Tour Saint-Jacques, the Eiffel Tower – plus you can get a close-up perspective of the Hotel de Ville, ogling the statues and carved reliefs that aren’t visible at street level. Beyond the views, did we mention the tasty cocktails and trendy vibe? The Bonjour Paris team recently gathered for champagne and cocktails on a perfect summer evening and we couldn’t get enough of the scene. In recent years, the BHV department store has gone through a metamorphosis, rebranding as LE BHV MARAIS to more accurately represent its setting in one of the most sought-after shopping neighborhoods in Paris. (First founded in 1856, BHV stands for “Bazar de l’Hôtel de Ville” as it’s located on rue de Rivoli right next to the Paris City Hall.) Among Americans, BHV has long been appreciated for its basement hardware store and home wares, but it’s more than that. The preferred shopping address of Parisians, LE BHV MARAIS is both Maison & Mode. Fashionable finds include prêt-à-porter from Anthropologie (the only French boutique for the popular American store). Another thing we love: LE BHV MARAIS is owned by the Groupe Galeries Lafayette, which is a 100% French family-owned group. Not to mention the cool new eateries. In addition to Le Perchoir, LE BHV MARAIS is home to an outpost of Big Fernand, the wildly popular burger chain; L’Eclair de Genie, peddling chef Christophe Adam’s buzzed-about eclairs; Artisan de la Truffe, for all things truffle; and the all-new Marlette, a healthy dining spot with smoothies, sandwiches and more. Last but not least: We’re loving the new insider tours offered by LE BHV MARAIS and led by expert local guides. The “Insider Marais,” for example, pairs shopping perks and privileges at the store with a walking tour of the Marais so that you can glean recommendations on insider addresses. BHV will even take care of your shopping bags, delivering them to your hotel, so that you can enjoy a pleasant stroll without being hindered by bags. Price tag? Just 139 euros. (If you price-compare with other guided tours in Paris, you’ll see this is a real value.) Tours can be booked via Expedia here. For more information about LE BHV MARAIS, visit

Lead photo credit : Le Perchoir at Le BHV Marais. Courtesy of BHV Marais

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  • Michael James
    2017-07-28 01:26:54
    Michael James
    Hah, it's only taken two decades but my old haunt has become "seriously cool". BHV (renamed "BHV-Marais" in 2013) is the best of the grand magasins but of course the least visited by tourists who flock to the more pricey Galeries Lafayette (same owners as BHV) and Printemps. BHV has in its huge basement floor a hardware/bricolage section that is simply beyond anything I have seen anywhere in the world. In fact there is a tv documentary about it (the bricolage section) I saw some years ago. I can now admit to my (uncool) habit of hanging out at BHV on Wednesday nights ("late night shopping") usually taking a meal at the self-serve (but freshly cooked) restaurant. It was a "Melodine" on the 6th floor and looked not much different to the Cafe Mariette shown here. You could usually get a window table and look over the Hotel de Ville and the rue de Rivoli. This was one of those "secret" resting spots in busy Paris for a bit of calm and rest. I suppose now one has to fight off the hipsters and bobos for a table! The last line seems to confirm this trend: "enjoy a pleasant stroll without being hindered by bags. Price tag? Just 139 euros." Love that "just" ...