From Ukraine to Paris: Sonia Delauney

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From Ukraine to Paris: Sonia Delauney
They came from today’s Ukraine to Paris for artistic freedom and exposure to the latest modernist movements. Most belonged to the emerging School of Paris: Emmanuel Mane-Katz, Abraham Berline, Alexandre Fazini, Jacques Gotko, Adolphe Feder, Chana Orloff, Erna Derm, David Brainin, Joseph Bronstein, Alexandre Altmann, and Michel Adlen.     Photo of Sonia Delaunay, c. 1912, Source: Wikipedia

Lead photo credit : Sonia Delaunay wearing her own design from Casa Sonia, Madrid, c. 1920, Source: Wikipedia

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Beth S. Gersh-Nešić, Ph.D. is an art historian and the director of the New York Arts Exchange, an arts education service that offers tours and lectures in the New York tristate area. She specializes in the study of Cubism and has published on the art criticism of Apollinaire’s close friend, poet/art critic/journalist André Salmon. She teaches art history at Mercy College in Westchester, New York. She published a book with French poet/literary critic Jean-Luc Pouliquen called "Transatlantic Conversation: About Poetry and Art." Her most recent book is a translation and annotation of "Pablo Picasso, André Salmon and 'Young French Painting,'" with an introduction by Jacqueline Gojard.


    2022-04-14 05:43:03
    Wonderful and touching article, thank you for all your research!


    • Beth Gersh-Nesic
      2022-04-26 06:46:33
      Beth Gersh-Nesic
      Hi Amy, Thank you so much for expressing your appreciation. I hope you have the pleasure of seeing Sonia Delaunay's work in person. Best regards, Beth