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Frenchie restaurant in Paris
Frenchie, via Facebook

BP take: The perennial question: how to get a reservation at Frenchie? Gregory Marchand’s market-fresh cuisine has so many fans, that it’s next-to-impossible to secure a table. Good thing there’s the wine bar, where you can get a proper Frenchie fix (without reservations).”A lovely self-effacing talent, hopes are that Greg’ll take over the entire rue de Nil,” says Margaret Kemp. In fact, with Frenchie-to-Go, Marchand has a mini empire on the street. Stop by for delicious breakfast and sandwiches.

“I am a big fan of smart young chef Grégory Marchand’s market menus, inspired to some degree by stints he did in London at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen and in New York at Danny Meyer’s Gramercy Tavern (one of my own favorites). That an ambitious young French chef takes a gastronomic cue or two in the English-speaking world’s two largest cities is something I find good news, because the métier of chef has never been more international, and building on his solid Gallic base, Marchand not only came away with some good ideas, but his experience soundly disproves the idea that gourmet France lives in a self-satisfied bell jar.” — Alexander Lobrano, France Today (2009)

5 Rue du Nil, 75002. Tel:  01 40 39 96 19. Closed on weekends. Fine dining restaurant from 60 euros; the wine bar and Frenchie-to-Go are more affordable options.