Remote Paris Shopping: Tax-Free Goodies at Galeries Lafayette

Remote Paris Shopping: Tax-Free Goodies at Galeries Lafayette

The sales are in full swing in Paris, with exceptional discounts on designer goods and fashionable stock. The mark-downs can be as high as 70 percent! France historically holds two extensive sale periods a year and les soldes is a not-to-miss event for locals and visitors alike. And this winter, the reductions are almost too good to be true.

It’s no secret that international visitors often coincide their trips to Paris to take advantage of the great sales shopping. If you’ve been eyeing a Loewe bag or Maison Labiche shirt or Chanel suit or Isabel Marant shoes (the list goes on….), les soldes is the perfect opportunity to indulge — without the sticker shock. But this pandemic year proves a challenge. What if you can’t travel to France? Do you really have to wait until the next semi-annual sales season?

Photo credit © Galeries Lafayette, Facebook

We’ll let you in on a little secret. Galeries Lafayette Haussmann — your one-stop fashion emporium — has designed a remote shopping service designed to bring Paris to you… even if you can’t peruse your favorite department store in person. You can access luxury and designer brands, no matter where you are — PLUS if you live outside of the European Union, you get your goods tax-free! With this remote personal shopping service, there’s no minimum purchase amount, and worldwide delivery is possible.

So what are you waiting for? Start filling out your wishlist today with Galeries Lafayette remote personal shopping!

Lead photo credit : Photo credit © Galeries Lafayette, Facebook

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