Paris Vignettes: Sunset and Evening Bliss

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Paris Vignettes: Sunset and Evening Bliss

The Paris Vignettes series features the inspired work of street photographer William “Bill” O’Such in themed installments

August offered up warm sunsets coupled with beautiful clouds. As the temperature cooled, I liked to walk to the Seine bridges to watch the sun work its way to the horizon (“au revoir soleil”). Boats made their way under the bridges (“la tranquillité) surrounded by street lights glimmering off the water (“les reflets dans la Seine”). Even the construction cranes artistically framed Notre Dame (“Notre Dame et ses grues”) while Genevieve guarded the city (“Genevieve protegeante de Paris”) ensuring that everything and everyone in Paris were safe and sound.

After the sun has set, the cafes and streets became “illuminated” with conversation (“les conversations commencent”) and sprinkled with the clinking of knives and forks (“la vie tres rose”). The squares were alive with activity (“square Bourg Tibourg”) and as the evening waned (“marchant vers le Marais”), I looked up and enjoyed the blissful glow from the street lights artistically lighting up the street signs (“rue des Rosiers”).

Geneviève protegante de Paris. Photo credit: William O’Such

la tranquillité. Photo credit: William O’Such

la Tour Eiffel toujours belle. Photo credit: William O’Such

square bourg tibourg. Photo credit: William O’Such

pont Neuf. Photo credit: William O’Such

rue des Rosiers. Photo credit: William O’Such

Notre Dame et ses grues. Photo credit: William O’Such

marchant vers le Marais. Photo credit: William O’Such

les reflets dans la seine. Photo credit: William O’Such

les conversations commencent. Photo credit: William O’Such

la vie tres rose. Photo credit: William O’Such

Lead photo credit : au revoir soleil. Photo credit: William O'Such

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William was introduced to silver halide photography by his father, Chester J. O’Such, via the family’s Ansco reflex camera and home darkroom. After college, William worked as a photographic engineer at Eastman Kodak, where he began to learn the art of photography. With his first SLR, a Canon AE-1, he photographed his inaugural voyage to Paris in 1982. This early spark turned into full passion when William became a Kodak expatriate in Paris from 1995-99. Before returning to the USA, William and his future wife Ineke bought an apartment in the Marais district. Inspired by Bresson, William continues to visit Paris at least twice a year to wander the streets, camera in hand, looking for the next vignette. His photos are available for sale by visiting


  • diane dickson
    2023-11-16 05:26:01
    diane dickson
    William I especially like your black and white photos. They remind me of the 1930's and 40's - those of Doisneau and Bresson. They even harken back to Eugene Atget who also like you was a flaneur with a camera. Thank you Diane L. Dickson


  • Martha Sessums
    2023-10-03 03:26:51
    Martha Sessums
    Great pictures, William. You catch the beauty of Paris.


      2023-10-14 04:32:11
      thanks Martha ... hope to see you on the next trip!