Announcing the Finalists: Bonjour Paris Photo Contest

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Announcing the Finalists: Bonjour Paris Photo Contest

When we launched our photography contest at the end of January, we never would’ve anticipated receiving so many wonderful entries. Thanks very much for sharing your Paris moments with us. Our team has been delighted to peruse your shots, many of which came with fun stories and memories. Needless to say, choosing the finalists has not been easy!

The winner in each category will be awarded a Bonjour Paris membership, worth $60. The oldest English language site about the City of Light, Bonjour Paris is the ultimate insider’s guide to your favorite city, with in-depth coverage of the culture, history, and lifestyle. The membership program supports our work in bringing you exclusive, deeply researched articles and special offers and perks.

Without further ado, we present a showcase of the finalists that have been selected in five categories. The winners will be announced on March 18th.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Which photos do you love? Which should win? We’d love to hear your feedback!

La Dame de Fer: Arguably the world’s most popular landmark, the Eiffel Tower never ceases to dazzle

Photo credit: Betty Spann

Photo credit: Becky Davis

Photo credit: Luke Finn

Photo credit: Kathleen Einspanier

Photo credit: Dean Caputo

Father and child. Photo credit: Thom Abel

Monuments and Museums: From the Louvre to the Arc de Triomphe, and everything in between

Photo credit: Ken Egel. “I took this photo on April 20, 2019 from the Trocadero facing south. The moon came up on the horizon, red as a fireball, in seemingly perfect alignment with the Pantheon and Les Invalides. I haven’t made any changes or enhancements to the photo… the moon really was that red as it came up on the horizon. It later turned golden as it got higher and higher in the sky.”

Sacré-Cœur from the Musée d’Orsay. Photo credit: Michael Diamant

Photo credit: Gerry Dimassa

Notre Dame Light Show, October 2018. Photo credit: Alan H Morris

Tulips by Jeff Koons near the Petit Palais. Photo credit: Judith Mitrani

Les Invalides with Full Moon. Photo credit: Liz Wiegardt

Street Life: The Parisian joie de vivre can be found in every rue and avenue

Photo credit: Robert Engler

Photo credit: Mark Nunez

Photo credit: Jeff Black

Photo credit: Raphael Justewicz. “The photo was taken during May 2020. The setting is Place de la Madeleine, with the photograph seen as a collage of an imagined scene during the Spring confinement! At the same time, doesn’t one see history and art almost everywhere in this city?”

Searching for the Experimental Cocktail Club. Photo credit: Allan Estroff

A Quiet Lunch in Paris. Photo credit: Sue Schram

Travel Memories: The snapshot souvenirs of you and your loved ones enjoying the City of Light

Photo credit: Debra Glenn

“The Day Before He Proposed.” Photo credit: Susan Hayden/ Steve Hochman

Photo credit: Kimberly Biehl. “My fiancé Greg captured my Parisian bliss, in a little cafe, where nothing else mattered & the world just fell away. Take me back!”

Photo credit: Vanessa Anderson

Photo credit: Kimberly Bears. “Here is a photo that my husband took of me on my last trip to Paris in October of 2018. I was there to celebrate my 25th wedding anniversary. This is a photo of me sitting at one of my favorite spots on the banks of the Seine. Who could imagine that six months later Notre Dame would go up in flames.”

Photo credit: Ken Wieltchnig. “Just a souvenir of one of my many, many trips to my favourite place on the planet.”

Photo credit: Angelina Kucko. “The main thing that I miss about Paris is the shopping but most importantly, dining at my favourite café on Rue de Rivoli (my namesake).”

‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’: Photos that capture the city’s special spirit

Louvre couple. Photo credit: Pamela Spurdon

Paris in snow. Photo credit: Molly Pisula

Photo credit: Jim Lande

Photo credit: Bonnie Lynn

Le Bon Marché. Photo credit: Karen Sasgen. “This is what I love about Paris, something unexpected and artful in every window.”

Photo credit: Martin Bovill

Lead photo credit : Photo credit © Unsplash

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  • G Sheri
    2021-03-11 09:20:23
    G Sheri
    two photos I love: 1--full moon at Les Invalides 2--red full moon at Les Invalides and Pantheon Oh and we always need new photos of snow in Paris with red umbrellas!! A classic!


  • Hazel Smith
    2021-03-08 04:08:54
    Hazel Smith
    What fun! I love all of these. Good luck to all. I like Becky Davis' look at the Dame de Fer's iron filigree. Ken Egel's moon and two domes is my favourite in the landmarks category, although I am rather partial to Michael Diamant's view from inside the clock at the Musee d'Orsay. My screen saver is almost exactly the same shot. Great minds... I too am in search of the Experimental Cocktail club, so Alan Estroff's entry is my favourite Street Life contribution. Kimberly Biehl has that mime-like quality and I adore all her silver. And Bonnie Lynn's Je Ne Sais Quoi entry is really evocative. The teapot sign reminds me of Tintin. I keep going back to it


  • Beth Gersh-Nesic
    2021-03-04 06:25:30
    Beth Gersh-Nesic
    Magnifique! Merci beaucoup - fabulous photographs. Best wishes to you all for this competition.


  •  MKelly
    2021-03-04 06:15:07
    These look cool, but I've definitely got my favourites. The following categories and the respective photos that stood out to me are... La Dame de Fer Father and child. Photo credit: Thom Abel - Rather than a focus on the capital landmark itself, it's a great shot of parenthood featuring an adorable little sleeping baby. The photo is also filled with families and kids, just a happy photo overall. I also just like the b&w choice for this photo- makes more of an impact. Monuments and Museums Photo credit: Ken Egel. - Well this one's just super cool. Street Life A Quiet Lunch in Paris. Photo credit: Sue Schram - I just want life to be happy and vibrant like this again, makes me think of the freedom out of lockdown... Bonne chance!