Welcome to Bonjour Paris, the Original Insider’s Guide to the City of Light

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Welcome to Bonjour Paris, the Original Insider’s Guide to the City of Light
Bonjour friends and fellow lovers of Paris! Welcome to the world’s most popular guide to all things Parisian. The website was launched way back in 1995— pretty much before the Internet really got going. Thanks to Karen Fawcett who ran the site up to 2015, and now France Media Group, we’ve been able to build up an incredible wealth of content and an enthusiastic readership of Francophiles from all over the planet. Our aim is to inform and inspire you with a diverse range of articles covering history, art, architecture, gastronomy, fashion, books, movies and more. Not only can you take a deep dive into the history of lost Parisian monuments, or explore a specific neighborhood, or meet an award-winning Paris writer, but you can also find up-to-the-minute information about what’s on in Paris, featured on our popular events calendar. We just made a big investment in a new web platform for the site, to make it faster and easier to navigate. Please do get in touch with our editor Mary Winston Nicklin if there’s anything you would like to read in the future, and stay in touch on social media: Twitter Facebook Instagram

Lead photo credit : Montmartre

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  • Angela Cunnungham
    2020-08-25 09:51:22
    Angela Cunnungham
    I would love to subscribe, but COVID has not been kind to me at this time. I am sorry we cannot have a coffee monthly. I lived in France, I love France from the top , to the Champagne Community, back to the arrival of mussels . The drive from Paris to eat these beautiful creature by the seashore in big silver bowls, butter, wine garlic done. To Paris and Fashion Spring Shows, the Ballet and the newesr Opera House. The lights of Paris as you leave on a night train trip to many places. Aix and Avignon to Pope's P alace with the wall on the other side serving dinner and sweets late into the night. A drive takes you further down to the sea and your choices are wide. Marseille or St Tropez. A ferry to an Island or longer journey to North Africa. Life is magical when in any part of France and I will miss you dearly. You have been a pleasure to read in my home and remind me of my time living in France. Au Revoir


  • Sue J Acocks
    2020-07-23 05:01:45
    Sue J Acocks
    I have followed and enjoyed Bonjour Paris for years. I wouldn’t want to lose it. It is what I refer to as “Paris porn” because I can’t stop looking! Merci beaucoup!