Yoga at the Palais Garnier: Poetry in Motion

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Yoga at the Palais Garnier: Poetry in Motion
It was one of those wonderful, marvellous Balzac-inspired mornings: Sipping muddy, nutty coffee whilst pounding the keys with glee. When all of a sudden, L’Opéra Restaurant trumpets a message, sending this footloose fool for tulle over the moon. Jumping to the chassé: the café at the Palaïs Garnier has added yoga to its repertoire. Yes, sometimes dreams do come true. Pirouetting straight to the point: If you’ve also fantasized about becoming a ballerina, here’s your chance to let your inner-Swan shine with some cross training-worthy Downward-facing Doggies under the sun. Interested? Follow my lead. Here are a few tips to help you score a coveted spot… Just the facts What: Yoga on the terrace Where: L’Opéra Restaurant at the Palaïs Garnier, Place Jacques Rouché When: Sunday, the 20th of August and Sunday, the 27th of August Time: 10 am to noon Fee: 15€ per person Agenda: First hour, Yoga; Second hour, Refreshments Registration: Required Website: Act today Reservations are required. Classes are limited. So if this is something you’d like to try, get thee quickly to the website, and register today. Swoop! Just do it. Don’t snooze. Don’t hesitate. Future dates might be added, so I’ll keep you in the loop. Props to props L’Opéra Restaurant provides yoga mats. However, if you’d prefer to practice on one of your own, make a beeline to Decathlon at Place Madeleine. Besides yoga equipment and skid-proof socks, you’ll also find sunglasses, tank tops, short-shorts, leggings, capris, hoodies, and towels—all affordable, adorable, and souvenir-worthy. What to expect Hold on to those compression bottoms with the slight flare! The classes will be held on the restaurant terrace. Shy? Potted flowers abound! Honestly, rubbing elbows with the Lycra-clad is the perfect way to get to know the terrain and flavor of Paris. Plus, your heart will swell at the sight of gilded poetry and harmony, along with the best of their posse. As you find your center in the center of the city, the architectural eye candy will sooth both soul and soles, spurring your mojo on to dizzying heights. Plan of Action: Yoga First Choreographing a 24-karat magical morning of pampering, after your one-hour yoga class, L’Opéra Restaurant will set the stage with some decadent yet healthy treats: baked confections, yogurt, cereal, and iced tea. Amongst the roses and faux green grass, let us feast on cake is what I always pray, every day. Yes, dreams do come true. Swag bags, too As a lifelong goody-bag junkie, this perk is another squeal maker! Treasures include Løv organic tea, hairbands by Lolë fitness, and produits de beauté by Biotherm—a pharmacy favorite since the 1950s. Plus, a yoga mat in Orangina- yellow, so don’t forget to pack the camera for self-documentation of momentary bliss. #nevergetsold Post-Session Buzz After the yoga retreat, I recommend taking a self-guided tour of the Palaïs Garnier. Clutching rococo to your revived and chill-axed core, explore the ornate salons and reception halls at your own pace. You’ll feel like you have the house to yourself, gliding up and down the grand stairwell like a 747 or an Audrey Hepburn. Then, if time permits, head straight for the gift boutique. Here you’ll find a squad of dancers striking fourth position, along with candles, tutus, and compact mirrors. Your vanity back home will thank you. Sweetening the deal, they now also sell honey made by little buzzing contraltos and sopranos who sing in their hives on the Opera roof. Pep Talk Don’t worry about it if your yoga game is not Insta-glam slam-dunk at first. In no time, busting a move will groove like second nature! Or just shake it off and keep on cruising. After all, as Charles Garnier himself once said, “The style I use is my own!”  Now, go-go! Have the boom-boom time of your life! For our full directory of yoga studios in Paris, click here.

Lead photo credit : Jumping to the chassé: the café at the Opéra Palaïs Garnier has added yoga to its repertoire (Photo©Theadora Brack)

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