Discover the Art of Perfumery at Histoires de Parfums in the Marais

Discover the Art of Perfumery at Histoires de Parfums in the Marais
When it comes to fragrances, tastes differ greatly. Some of us prefer more sweet and floral while others gravitate towards spicy and oaky scents. Our sense of smell is closely linked to our emotions, with odors recalling specific memories. Is this why we gravitate towards certain scents? Olfaction is one of the most powerful of our five senses. Fascinated with fragrances, perfumer Gérald Ghislain founded Histoire de Parfums in 2000. An epicurean, he created a collection of rare perfumes, combining unique scents, and thus creating new memories. To better help us understand the complex world of scents, Gérald has opened up his Marais boutique and atelier to the ‘Discovery of Raw Materials’. This 90-minute olfactory experience takes you on a journey from familiar to exotic essences. An entire language is devoted to the art of perfumery, and within it lies the secrets of what exactly is involved in creating a fine fragrance. Scents including Bergamot, Rose and Lavender are recognizable, but with Amber and Musk there remains uncertainty. Just how much of a perfume is composed of natural versus artificial scents? And why do some aromas attract us more than others? Learn which notes dominate and which leave a more delicate trace, to linger in our memories. Following this olfactory workshop, you’ll understand why the bespoke creations at Histoires de Parfums are not merely fragrances, but in fact fragrant novels, musical scores and living poems… read on the skin. Each scent tells its own story, and by better understanding the perfumery process, you’ll be able to read these sensory stories while telling your own. Histoires de Parfums, 11 rue du Roi Doré, 3rd. Tel: +33 (0)1 83 16 50 13 90-minute ‘Discovery of Raw Materials’ Workshop costs 65.00 € (book online)

Lead photo credit : Histoires de Parfums. Photo: Kasia Dietz

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