Poppy in Paris: Spring Has Sprung

Poppy in Paris: Spring Has Sprung
Working as an au pair in Paris, Poppy Pearce explores the city in her free time. She documents her favorite finds – exhibitions, restaurants, boutiques, day trips – in an exclusive Bonjour Paris column. Find previous editions here. Every winter, I forget how much I long for spring. The first morning of this year when I awoke to the combination of birdsong, a warm breeze, church bells, and sun, was a very good morning indeed. It’s no secret that sun exposure boosts serotonin levels and counteracts depression, and since the sun has emerged from its winter hibernation, I’ve definitely had more of a spring in my step. So, to further boost our serotonin levels and elevate our moods, April’s edition of Poppy in Paris will be focused on light, positivity, and the great outdoors. Restaurant of the Month Freddy’s 54 Rue de Seine, 6th arrondissement Metro: Saint-Germain-des-Prés (line 4), Mabillon (line 10), and Odéon (line 4 and 10). This month I’ve been fortunate in terms of the number of incredible restaurants I’ve tried. So it’s been a difficult choice to narrow it down to one pick for this column. Yet there’s one that really stands out. I walked past Freddy’s on my first week in Paris, strolling down the beautiful Rue de Seine through the heart of Saint-Germain-des-Prés and towards the river. The happy sounds of people chatting and chuckling away created such a fun ambiance I was sold. I wrote down the name of the restaurant to remind myself to return, and seven months later I finally took the opportunity to dine there when one of my close friends came to visit. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Freddy's (@freddys.paris)

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Inspired by the rich culture that France has to offer, Poppy Pearce moved to Paris as an au pair in August 2022. Having gained a degree in Theology and Religion with Arabic from the University of Exeter, Poppy has a passion for languages and experiencing new cultures. When she’s not working, Poppy loves to explore everything that Paris has to offer, from exhibitions and museums, to restaurants and second-hand clothing stores.