Become a Perfumer at The Alchemist Atelier in Paris

Become a Perfumer at The Alchemist Atelier in Paris
The Alchemist Atelier is an innovative way to design your signature scent. Located in the heart of Paris’s bustling 2nd arrondissement, this perfume atelier creates a sensory experience combining natural elements with advanced technology. The vibrant images of flowers and spices lining the walls will entice your olfactory sense even before you begin the art of creating a fragrance. The Alchemist Atelier’s laboratory is composed of 34 fragrance essences – 16 bases and 18 chords formulated by professional perfumers. The fragrant journey begins by selecting a base note or two, followed by a few carefully chosen chords, all via the nose. This is when the Scent Creator takes over, assisting in the blending process. This advanced apparatus links to an application on the smartphone, and so begins the creation of a bespoke perfume. Scent cartridges are inserted and quantities of each note are digitally selected, with the help of one of The Alchemist Atelier’s in-house perfumers. The next step is playing with ingredients and proportions using the intuitive mobile application. Add a little extra creamy wood base and a touch less of the warm spicy accord, et voilà! What’s more, the custom formula is saved in a personal profile on your application and can be recreated by the push of a button. There’s even a community of inspiring perfume alchemists to connect with. For perfume aficionados, private workshops are held in the downstairs atelier, in which all the notes and accords are inhaled one-by-one in consultation with a perfume alchemist. For a less intense but equally gratifying experience, also resulting in a custom perfume of your own making, the Discovery Workshop provides an introduction to the scent library while learning all about fragrance composition. If time is limited, pop in and access the Scent Bar where you’ll mix a base with a few chords via your smartphone, and in just 30 minutes a fragrance is created! The Alchemist Atelier36 Rue Étienne Marcel, 75002 Paris.Open 
Monday to Saturday: 11:30 – 20:00Workshop prices: 59€ / 79€ / 129€Tel: +33 (0)1 84 60 84 74  

Lead photo credit : courtesy of The Alchemist Atelier

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