Paris Vignettes: Parks and Gardens

Paris Vignettes: Parks and Gardens

It’s now the fall, so a perfect time to revisit some pictures from a sunny summer in this latest edition of “Paris Vignettes.” Over the past few years, I get the sense that the city is getting greener: more trees, lusher parks, abundant neighborhood gardens. Despite Paris being a densely populated and busy city, these leafy parks and gardens allow you to breathe. Wandering through this greenery you always find something new (e.g. like finding yet another Statue of Liberty in the Jardin de Luxembourg!). On those hot summer days of August, you can benefit from the shade on a park bench and watch the world walk by.

As I wandered through the parks, one statue (“la tortue a gagné”) caught my eye where this tortoise was spouting water and pushing back the much larger horses. Reflections on ponds is one of my favorite moments (“les reflets dans Parc Montsouris”, “reflets dans le parc des buttes Chaumont”, “reflets dans un canal”) as they change dynamically and you need to catch them at the right moment. The other photographic element is the well-pruned trees that provide perfect framing of people and activities (“les arbres nous enveloppent”). Finally, watch for the insect shelters (“Bienvenue les insectes”) in Paris parks and especially look at the flowers around them which are full of beautiful little creatures (“Les abeilles et les fleurs”).

My next trip will be in November so watch for winter vignettes in December and January. As always, check out my 20 years of Paris photos here.

A water feature statue of a tortoise spraying water at horses

la tortue a gagné © William O’Such

A stone statue of a couple

Un couple © William O’Such

a marble statue of a man and a woman

On va faire quoi © William O’Such

A black and white photo of a woman surrounded by chairs sat under a tree

Un dimanche reposant © William O’Such

A woman sat in a tree tunnel

Les arbres nous enveloppent © William O’Such

Small statue of liberty

La statue de la liberté No 4 © William O’Such

Reflections of trees on the water

Reflets dans un canal © William O’Such

A homemade insect house

Bienvenue les insectes © William O’Such

Bees on red and yellow flowers

Les abeilles et les fleurs © William O’Such

A photo of a house between the trees

Station de la Petite Ceinture © William O’Such

People walking under a tree across the river

Reflets dans le Parc des Buttes-Chaumont © William O’Such

Lead photo credit : Les reflets dans Parc Montsouris © William O'Such

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William was introduced to silver halide photography by his father, Chester J. O’Such, via the family’s Ansco reflex camera and home darkroom. After college, William worked as a photographic engineer at Eastman Kodak, where he began to learn the art of photography. With his first SLR, a Canon AE-1, he photographed his inaugural voyage to Paris in 1982. This early spark turned into full passion when William became a Kodak expatriate in Paris from 1995-99. Before returning to the USA, William and his future wife Ineke bought an apartment in the Marais district. Inspired by Bresson, William continues to visit Paris at least twice a year to wander the streets, camera in hand, looking for the next vignette. His photos are available for sale by visiting