Paris Fashion: 8 Summer Shoe Trends We Love

Paris Fashion: 8 Summer Shoe Trends We Love

While it may not be officially summer yet, summer style is undoubtedly here in Paris – we’re loving all the summer street style looks, including footwear! Yes, from head down to toes, people in Paris put in the effort, with no detail overlooked.

Here are some of our favorite trendy footwear looks for you to try on while walking around Paris.

Lace-Up Sandals

Lace-up sandals may have you thinking about ballet dancers at Paris Opera Ballet and their satin ribbon laces, but rest assured, you won’t look like you forgot your tutu when wearing this summer trend. It’s a versatile and very “in” shoe, and you’ll look the part of a true fashionista donning this look. Note: You may want to stash some roll-up flats or flip flops in your purse for when the night wears on and you’re tired of feeling like a ballerina needing to adjust her laces.

Ballet Flats

Speaking of ballerinas… Ballet flats, especially black ones, fall under the evergreen category – which mean they’re always in style! A pair of black ballet flats is really all you need when it comes to feeling right in step with Paris footwear trends and timeless looks. Find the most comfortable pair possible, because flats tend to be low on comfort factor, and high on fashion factor. To complete the look, a trench coat or cute cardigan will do just the trick.


Platform Shoes

Right now, big, chunky and statement-making looks are in, while the skinny jeans days of yore are gone (for now). Wide-leg jeans, thick-soled shoes, and chunky platforms are all the looks of the day. You’ll find many platformed looks throughout fashion capitals like Paris; the only dilemma will be choosing which color shoe to wear to make your fashion statement.

Kitten Heel Mary Janes

Cute little kitten heels are a nice and delicate addition to any look. You may feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland in some cutesy kitten heel Mary Janes, but you’re no literary damsel in distress – these heels, though dainty, will carry you where you need to go and with confidence.


For a goes-with-anything look, opts for black kitten heel Mary Janes. They’ll look stylish and won’t steal the thunder from your outfit.



Bright Shoes

Bold, bright – I’m talking highlighter-bright – colors are very in right now. Wilson tennis ball green is a popular color, particularly for footwear. Go bright and bold or go home. Well, something like that. All to say: Have fun trying out bold colors you might not otherwise be inclined to touch. Summer is the brightest season, and it’s the ideal time to try out wearing some dazzling colors, too.


Sneakers go with anything, and if you’re pounding the pavement in Paris, you want to have practical footwear on some days (not all days, of course). Do like the woman in this red dress and flaunt the juxtaposition of high fashion with “low” fashion. It’s all about mixing and matching and breaking the rules a bit.


Sure, it may be warmer weather now, but don’t discount wearing boots during the warmer months of the year. Particularly if you’re in “exploration” mode or “tourist” mode and planning to conquer the City of Light on foot. A pair of chunky black boots can make a summer dress look even more rad and rebellious. And fashion – especially Paris fashion – loves a rebel and a rule-breaker.

Chunky Throwbacks

Fashion is a cyclical thing, and that means that what was once out of fashion will – rest assured – come back into fashion, and that goes for grunge-era 90s looks like chunky patent leather flat Mary Janes and similar shoes. Rock this funky, grungy look with shorts or a mini dress to add oomph to your summer look for Paris days and nights.

For a lighter chunky look, opt for some chunky sandals. A gold or silver color will pair nicely with anything and will dress up any outfit.

Lead photo credit : Photo by Mister Mister from Pexels

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