Paris’s Bid to Host the 2024 Summer Olympics

Paris’s Bid to Host the 2024 Summer Olympics
Two very different cities are competing for one very exciting goal – and only one of them will get it. Paris and Los Angeles are going head-to-head in bidding to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. Though, while it is widely known that hosting the Olympic Games can be a crippling economic burden on a city, the games also serve as a way to revitalize a city, injecting it with a hefty dose of that famous global Olympic fever, and having scores of games-goers from all over the world flock to the host city.  If Los Angeles gets to host the games, it would be the first time this century that the Summer Olympics would be held in the United States. Los Angeles would also fare better in the economic long run, given that the city wouldn’t need to build any new stadiums or facilities to accommodate the games and the athletes.  Dans 4 jours, C'est déjà 2024 ! les 23 et 24 juin, #Paris se transforme pour célèbrer l'esprit des Jeux et de l'olympisme #Paris2024 #Sport — Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) June 19, 2017 However, hosting the Summer Olympics games would be a welcome (and somewhat needed) win for Paris. The city, which has endured several tragic events and struggles these past few years, has seen tourism numbers dip, as a result of the tragedies which have occurred within the périphérique. Hosting the Olympics would surely bring more visitors, as well as enthusiasm, to Paris.  Los Angeles’s slogan for the 2024 Summer Olympics is “Follow the Sun.” Gene Sykes, who’s serving as the chief executive overseeing LA’s bid, says that the slogan has nothing to do with southern California’s notoriously gorgeous – and enviable – weather. Rather, it’s about “looking at the future, focusing on what’s next.” The slogan for the Paris’ 2024 bid is “Made for Sharing,” which, understandably, did not go over well with everyone in Paris. Many people took umbrage with the fact that the slogan was in English. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo supported the slogan, and even used a hashtag for it on her Twitter account.  Meanwhile, the Académie Française humorously pointed out (though their presumed intent was not humor, but rather, showing their annoyance and distaste) that the slogan sounded “like a pizza commercial.” Frankly, I agree. If Paris is awarded the hosting honors, it will be the second city ever to host the Olympics three times. (London has hosted the games three times already.) 2024 would also be the 100th anniversary of Paris hosting the 1924 Summer Olympics, which would be a festivity-boosting (and marketing blessing) point of note.  Honored to welcome @TeglaLoroupe, captain of the #refugees team in #Rio2016. #WorldRefugeeDay #LetsAct #WRD2017 #Refugees — Anne Hidalgo (@Anne_Hidalgo) June 20, 2017 715 medals have been won in the past by French athletes at the Summer Olympics. Cycling and fencing are the country’s top summer sports. (Cycling is a understandable, but fencing? Who knew?) And, predictably, skiing is France’s most medal-producing sport for the Winter Olympic Games. The “Made for Sharing” Summer Olympics would take place in Paris (if their bid is successful) August 2, 2024 to August 18, 2024. Related article: Olympics Day Celebrations in Paris: 23-24 June

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