Winter in Strasbourg

Snow is always good news when you are into skiing. White-covered nature is always more interesting in the mountains than in the city.  Because when you have to go to work everyday and deal with traffic jams because of the frozen rain and are about to fall at each step, winter is not a good season. But it is certainly beautiful to wake up and see the city all in white, even if it’s not practical. Do we have to drive to the mountains to appreciate the best of frozen nature? Not at all. In Strasbourg there is a place where people like to meet during the Summer. It’s a piece of nature in the city, with grass everywhere and trees offering their shadows to those who want it. But people continue to go to the Parc de l’Europe (European Park) during Winter, for other reasons. The place is magnificent when the weather is cold. Nature is beautiful when all dressed with a white mantel. And in 2006 we have enough time to appreciate snow and cold. The trees are covered with a thin layer of water, totally frozen, as if they were decorated with artificial snow. The grass is not green anymore but reflecting the sun, out to defy that carpet made of snow. Children (and grownups) like to play with the gift of snow from the sky and snow balls are thrown from everywhere. Some walkers rest on a bench to admire the artificial lake, totally iced over. No one is on it because the layer of ice is too thin.  But the sight is amazing. Even the waterfall has been stopped by the temperature, under 30 degrees Fahrenheit. The park is quiet. Birds and other animals don’t make any noise. And people are wrapped in their clothes, not able to talk much. The place looks as if time has been suspended. But in fact, spectators are here to see another face of nature, the Winter scenery.  
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