Recipe: Omelette aux Fines Herbes (Herb Omelet)

Recipe: Omelette aux Fines Herbes (Herb Omelet)
Omelette aux fines herbes – Herb Omelet What one wants is the taste of the fresh eggs and the fresh butter and, visually, a soft bright golden roll plump and spilling out a little at the edges. It should not be a busy, important urban dish but something gentle and pastoral, with the clean scent of the dairy, the kitchen garden…the sharp tang of freshly picked herbs… ~ Elizabeth David, An Omelette and a Glass of Wine (Fines herbes is a balanced mixture of aromatic herbs such as parsley, chervil, tarragon and chives.) INGREDIENTS 3 eggs pinch of salt a bit of pepper 1 Tablespoon butter 1+ Tablespoon of fresh fines herbes PREPARATION 1. Beat the eggs together with the salt, pepper and fines herbes. 2. Heat the butter in a pan until almost bubbly. Pour in the eggs. 3. With the flat back of a fork, gently stir the eggs until cooked to your desired doneness. 4. Fold the omelette into thirds and slide onto a plate. 5. Run a small pat of butter down the top of the omelette to add a nice gloss and serve immediately. I must say I do regard a glass or two of wine as not, obviously, essential but at least as an enormous enhancement of the enjoyment of a well-cooked omelette. ~ Elizabeth David Et voilà! PHOTO CREDIT: Omelet by ©Debra Fioritto Debra Fioritto contributes delicious French recipes to Wednesday issues of BonjourParis. Click on her name to read more about her Tour de Forks culinary tours or to collect the many recipes she has shared here. Subscribe for FREE weekly newsletters with subscriber-only content. BonjourParis has been a leading France travel and French lifestyle site since 1995.   Readers’ Favorites: Top 100 Books, imports & more at our Amazon store Create your own French table wherever you are…click on an image for details.               Thank you for using our link to…we appreciate your support of our site.

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