Paris Summer Soldes by Clay McLachlan

Paris Summer Soldes by Clay McLachlan
Paris Summer Soldes The summer sales have officially begun. Summer was here in Paris in full force in April and May, but has since disappeared. It looks like warm weather will return next week, all the better for evening shopping during the sale season. A couple of days ago I took my professional camera and hit the streets of Paris to see what I might discover. I walked a lot, which I feel I could do forever here, ducking into many alleys and under many awnings trying to avoid the intermittent rain showers. I came across the Place des Victoires in the 1st arrondissement, a “Place” I never paid much attention to before as I usually meander down the rue des Petits Champs thinking of either Japanese Udon or a favorite destination for a glass of wine. Here, I caught a glimpse of two women window shopping for the latest fashions at the Place des Victoires. I love how we see both the two white mannequins, the two women, and, after further inspection, also we can see a reflection that is unmistakably Paris, the centerpiece of the Place des Victoires. Technical Details: Canon 5D Mark II, 45mm lens, F 2.8, ASA 400. Not yet subscribed to BonjourParis? Your free subscription delivers the latest news from France, travel guides and French lifestyle reports directly to your in-box. Eric Kayser’s New French Recipes by Eric Kayser, Yair Yosefi and Clay McLachlan Beyond the Bread Basket: Recipes for Appetizers, Main Courses, and Desserts by Eric Kayser, Clay McLachlan and Yair Yosefi  French Cooking: Classic Recipes and Techniquesby Hubert Delorme, Vincent Boue, Clay McLachlan and Paul Bocuse Clay’s newest award-winning book with bonus DVD, Encyclopédie du Chocolat in French features secrets of the greatest pastry chefs: Christophe Michalak (Plaza Athénée), Gilles Marchal (Maison du Chocolat), Christopher Adam (Fauchon), Jean-Paul Hévin and more. An essential book and DVD with Clay’s step-by-step photographs to guide beginners and experts in preparing over 100 demonstrated techniques.  Bonus: DVD 1 hr 30, a real course to master the most difficult pastrymaking. All the expertise of the Ecole du Grand Chocolat Valrhona, which attracts professionals from around the world. Did you know you can buy travelers’ essentials like luggage, guidebooks, cameras plus imported gifts for Francophiles at our French Marketplace? You benefit from competitive pricing and speedy delivery as your purchases support costs of keeping BonjourParis available as your most complete online travel resource. Merci in advance for your support. World’s thinnest digital camera, shoots photos & video Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12 MP CMOS Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video (Black)…please click on the link to read complete details about this camera perfect for travelers.   Perfect for Summer Soldes & market shopping in Paris or anywhere–collapsible, lightweight travel shopper’s trolley cart Want to look like a native in Paris or whereever you travel? Go to the market pulling your Reisenthel collapsible trolley. It’s durable, weighs just 3 lbs & the amazing design folds flat (wheels, too) & easily fits into your carry-on luggage. Your choice of several solid color & print designs. Stylish & oh, so French no matter where you use it!

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