Paris Ice Cream Shops: La Mignonne’s Expert Opinions

Paris Ice Cream Shops: La Mignonne’s Expert Opinions
Legend has it Catherine de Medici brought Italian ice cream to Paris when she arrived in 1533. Locals and visitors alike indulge in ice cream, gelato or sorbet while strolling Paris streets and quais year-round. New shops and vendor carts pop up all the time, but no matter where, expect a long queue, especially on a mild evening. Some shops specialize in artisanal products made in small batches on the premises, but you’ll also find U.S. brands like Haagen Dazs, Baskin Robbins, and Ben & Jerry’s that are popular with Parisians who like anything American. We’re not judging; but no U.S. brands are included on this list. Ice cream, gelato and sorbet are served in your choice of a cone, a cup or a dish, or even tucked inside a crepe. Flavors are endless: chocolate, traditional teas (e.g., green, spice, Earl Grey), caramel, any fruit and nut you can name, flowers (lavande, fleur d’oranger), spices (vanille, menthe, and interesting combinations such creamy caramel, butter and sea salt. Don’t overlook frozen treats from Picard, Monoprix and other grocery outlets. Picard recently introduced a line of chic et givré savory ice creams. Picard’s newest flavors include pesto, ginger, duck foie gras, and beet-balsamic vinegar, destined for kitchens of gourmet cooks looking to add a touch of originality to their dinners. Many patisseries like Ladurée and even some boulangeries sell frozen desserts, as do some salons de thé.   GLOSSARY OF BASIC TERMS SO YOU CAN ORDER ICE CREAM Ice cream:  La glace Sorbet:  Le sorbet Scoop:   Une boule, one scoop about the size of an apricot Two Scoops: Deux boules Ice ream cone:  Un cornet   OUR ICE CREAM EXPERT’S FAVORITES Antonia has a very sophisticated palate; her favorites were: Amorino, Gelati d’Alberto and Tutti Sensi. POPULAR PARIS ICE CREAM SHOPS (in alphabetical order) Please check websites for stores with multiple locations. Call before making a special trip, some stores close without notice & posted hours can only be a suggestion. Many stay open quite late on busy evenings; some close for a week or more in August. Amorino (22 Paris shops & growing; check website for more locations) Tél: 01 43 26 57 46 4, rue de Buci, Paris 6th Métro: Odeon, St-Germain-des-Prés Berthillon (multiple stores; check website for more locations) Still considered some of the best ice cream in Paris Tél: 01 43 54 31 61 29-31, rue St Louis en Î’Ile, Paris 4th Métro: 7, Pont Marie; 1, Saint Paul;  9 & 10, Cardinal Lemoine Gelati d’Alberto (multiple stores; check website for more locations) Rose-shaped scoops, artisanal ice cream & sorbet Tél: 01 77 11 44 55 45, rue Mouffetard, Paris 5th Métro:  Mouffetard, Pantheon, Monge Open 12noon-midnight daily Deliziefollie (multiple stores; check website for more locations) Ancient handcrafted Italian Gelato and Italian coffees, frozen desserts, yogurt, cakes Tél: 01 40 26 06 00 7, rue Montorgeuil, Paris 1st Métro: 4, Les Halles Open daily  12pm-midnight Grom (multiple stores; check website for more locations) Many say its the best Italian gelato in Paris. Tél:  01 40 46 92 60 81, rue de Seine, Paris 6th Métro: 4, Saint-Germain-des-Prés   10, Mabillon Open daily Pozzetto Espresso, gelato & deserts Tél:  01 42 77 08 64 39, rue Roi de Sicile, Paris 4th Métro: 1, St. Paul Open daily Tutti Sensi (no website; multiple stores) 41 exotic flavors & blends of ice creams & sorbets, i.e., lychee, mascarpone, tarte tatin Tél: 01 42 23 91 58 14, rue Norvins, Paris 18th (Montmartre/Sacre Coeur) Métro: Abbesses Open daily 10am- midnight An assortment of others: Le Bac à Glaces Tél: 01 45 48 87 65 109, rue du Bac, Paris 7th near Le Bon Marché Métro: Sèvres-Babylone Open  Monday-Saturday It Mylk (multiple stores; check website for more locations) Gourmet ice cream & yogurt, cheesecake, milk shakes, cookies, hot chocolate Tél: 01 48 74 05 91 50/56, rue Caumartin, 3rd floor, Paris 9th Open daily 1-7pm La Tropicale Glace & sorbet, fruit puree/coulis Tél. : 01 42 16 87 27 180, boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris 13th Métro: Place d’Italie Open Weekdays 12am-7pm; Sat 2pm-7pm Martine Lambert Normandy-style ice cream Tél. 01 45 51 25 30 192, rue de Grenelle, Paris 7th Open Tues-Sun; closed Monday Métro: Ecole Militaire, Varenne Mary Gelateria Naturale (no website) Natural, no preservatives, small-batch, top quality ingredients. 1, rue Charles-François Dupuis,
 Paris 3rd Métro: 11, Temple; 9, République, Filles du Calvaire Raimo Classic French ice cream. Tél: 01 43 43 70 17 59-61, Blvd de Reuilly, Paris 12th Métro: 6 or 8, Daumesnil Open 10am-8pm Tu-Th & Sun; Open 10am-10pm on Fri & Sat; Closed Mondays Note: All information was verified at time of publication, but hours may change, stores may be added or moved….please check before setting out.   ©Dali Wiederhoft 2011  

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