Oh my, I’ve ruined this place

Oh my, I’ve ruined this place

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Recently when I left l’Epigramme, a place I’m really fond of and have written fondly about, I realized that many of the tables were full of very American looking couples who had all the appearances of the demographics of my readers and my heart sank; thinking “I’ve ruined this place.” I left sadder than when I entered.

Aside from the pure audacity and grandiosity of such a thought, I mean how could I, who get only a couple hundred hits a day, prompt a run of Anglo-Saxons on a new restaurant in Paris, I actually would be upset if my rave reviews brought about a “tilt” in the balance of clients in a place like l’Epigramme.

Why? What’s so wrong about Americans or others from the blogosphere who know about and love food and consult what’s hot on blogs of the big guys, such as Toinard and Simon or the little folk like me and websites such as eGullet and Bonjour Paris?

One of my eating pals gently ragged me one day for constantly praising Spring shortly after it opened, implying that I was raising expectations about Daniel Rose and potential clients. It was true, I was enthusiastic, perhaps too much so. But no, in retrospect, Spring and Rose have held up ever since and he just keeps turning out consistently good, solid meals.

And it’s also true that I keep plugging Ze Kitchen Galerie where William Ledeuil’s inventiveness and consistent excellence lure me back and back again.

I also have a notion that if one sees oneself as a journalist rather than a public relations agent, you are obliged to recount what you encounter, even if it’s boringly repetitive. 

So again, once more discounting my self-inflated view of myself, I’ll soldier on, praising where praise is due and mentally grimace a little less when encountering a room full of Anglos and expats.

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