Maison Troisgros by Clay McLachlan

Maison Troisgros by Clay McLachlan

Maison Troisgros  ©Clay McLachlan 2011

Maison Troisgros: Kitchen Chefs

The restaurant Maison Troisgros, run by Michel Troisgros, in Roanne, France remains for me one of the temples of gastronomic dining. It has a long history, with 40 years and counting of Michelin 3-star status. Michel delivers something so refreshing and vibrant even as the dining experience is layered with its long history of perfection.

The restaurant and hotel is located near the train station in Roanne, a wonderful city in central France west of the culinary capital of Lyon. I cannot recommend enough a visit to Roanne and a meal at Troisgros.

In this photo I was given the opportunity to capture the kitchen in action during dinner service.

Technical Details: Nikon D1X, 24mm Lens, F 2.8, 1/5 second shutter speed, ISO 400.

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