Fifi Goes Five Star

Fifi Goes Five Star

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At 4 pm at the Ritz in London, one sits down for tea
and biscuits. A tall thin man with a black bow tie will arrive with a
three tier silver tray overflowing with cakes, jellies, cream and
sandwiches. In Paris, if you take your tea at the Georges V, they just
might throw you a bone.

Hotels in France are cozying up to Man’s
best-friend. As if the poodles in Paris weren’t spoiled
enough–stealing our seats on the metro, dining along side their owners
in 3 star Michelin restaurants. Frankly, the French hold their pets in
higher regard than tourists. Now, these furry friends are being
pampered in Paris’ most luxurious hotels.

When Fifi checks into
The Crillon she is offered identification tags with her name engraved
on one side and the address of the hotel on the other. If Fifi gets
lost, this will help her get home safely. She will drink only mineral
water and nibble on bones containing fluoride (better for her teeth).
Famished from the long flight, she’ll feast on a 15-euro doggy dinner.
Dog sitters and multi-lingual vets are a call away to help make Fifi
feel the most welcome.

Other hotels are offering special
treatment for pets as well. The Georges V offers rubber mice, and a
doggy cover with the Fifi’s name embroidered on it and the Meurice has
a special walking tour arranged where Fifi can explore the Tuileries

Personal embroidered sheets! I wonder, if I got on all
fours, stuck my tongue out and begged if they’d stitch my initials on
the towels? Maybe I’ll have Fifi mention my request during her meeting
with the on call hotel Pet Psychic. Perhaps she’ll have better luck.