Pimsleur: Quick and Simple French

Pimsleur: Quick and Simple French is one of those devices you won’t buy thinking that this time for sure you will stick with this program, only to have it end up on the bookshelves after the first Bonjour.  In fact, you won’t even learn Bonjour until the second lesson.  Add to that the fact that you are not allowed to read or write while learning the Pimsleur way, and that you cannot go over the 30 minutes a day, well, you can just bet this won’t end up on the shelves with your Berlitz books.  This is the real ticket to learning French conversation.  The program is easy and interesting.  You finally learn how to say all the things you thought you knew how to say, better, and you learn how to say new things as well, and always with the correct pronunciation.  True story: two of our writers who live in Paris and know quite a bit of French, decided to sit down together and go over the Pimsleur lessons.  Not only did they relearn everything they knew the right way, they learned newer things and had a fabulous time doing it, and laughing at themselves over their past foibles.  One note: this is not recommended for those who are close to being fluent and want to bone up.  This is perfect for those who want to learn from the beginning, or are somewhat advanced and want to go on a bit more.  A Bonjour Paris Recommendation To order the CD: CLICK HERE To order the Cassette: CLICK HERE
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