5 Activities for Toddlers in Paris

5 Activities for Toddlers in Paris
Here are some ideas for activities to do with your toddler in Paris. 1) Merry-go-round rides: The City of Paris has 16 merry-go-rounds in 14 arrondissements. All of them are different, from old-fashioned wood horses to modern cars. 2) The Musée des arts forains (Carnival Museum), located in the Bercy area (12th arrondissement), lets your kids discover old fairgrounds games, fabulous merry-go-rounds, circus items and more. All objects are in working order. Plan some time to visit this place (it’s a large museum with plenty of objects to see) and dress warmly. (Entrance fee) 3) Jardin des Plantes greenhouses: Since its renovation, four greenhouses are now accessible to visitors: – tropical rainforest greenhouse – desert and arid land greenhouse – the New Caledonia greenhouse – History glasshouse: features a chronological pathway, showing the adaptation of plants to changing environments. The greenhouses are a great indoor (warm!) place to take your kids if the outside weather is bad. And if it’s time for lunch after your visit, simply stop in Jardin des Plantes’ “La Baleine” (hidden behind the zoo), a 100% baby friendly restaurant (high chairs, changing mats, kid menus). 4) Le 104: Located in the 19th arrondissement, le 104 is an Artistic Establishment of the City of Paris presenting music, video, dance, and theater shows. For children, le 104 has created “La maison des petits”: this “children’s house” is a place for listening, speaking, meeting, using art and play.  This is not a daycare nor a museum.  Free entrance, within the limits of available places. No reservation needed. 5) In La Cité des Sciences de Paris la Villette, an area is dedicated to children aged 2 to 7: la Cité des Enfants. This is a unique space for active experimentation and exploration, divided into five universes: “I’m discovering myself”, “I can do”, “I find myself”, “All together”, and “I experiment”. Each area offers a special section for children aged 2 to 3. (Entrance fee – it is recommended that you book your ticket in advance). Camille Spanjaard is Parisian and a mother of two children. Camille also created and operates baby’tems, a baby equipment rental company.   See more of Paris! Here are some of Bonjour Paris’s favorite tours: Medieval Churches of Paris: Discover some of Paris’s most beautiful and lesser-known churches in the company of a medievalist, a perfect theme for the holiday season. Paris Holiday Walk, Culinary Traditions: Take in the holiday cheer with one of our gastronomic experts. Visit a traditional Christmas market and food shops, savoring the delicious holiday specialities. Louvre French Masters: Escape the cold and the crowds in the Italian wing of the Louvre by learning about the evolution of French art from the late Gothic period to the monumental 19th century paintings of David and Delacroix, accompanied by an art historian.

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