The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris

The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris
Our brilliant City of Light is known for a multitude of memorable essences — romance, history, art, culture, cuisine, music, film, literature, fashion, and the urban ambiance that makes Paris so Parisian. The layers are many. You could be blindfolded and spun around in the world, land in Paris, have the blindfold removed, and know right away where you are. Timeless and evolving at the same moment. View from Printemps. © Ruby Boukabou The architecture — from iconic monuments to everyday elements, such as park benches, street lamps, and zinc roofs — may sometimes seem like a backdrop or “set” for the more dramatic aspects of Parisian life. But, as Ruby Boukabou proves in her new book, architecture is a major character in the theater of Paris. “You just have to slow down and appreciate the details,” she suggests. Hotel de Ville © Ruby Boukabou Ruby — a native Aussie — dove deep into all aspects of Paris architecture, but sees The Architecture Lover’s Guide to Paris more as a story of Paris with a theme of “place” than a straight architecture book. She includes: an architectural timeline for the building of Paris, an organized study of major categories of architecture (think train stations, museums, châteaux, bridges, places of worship, parks, and more), a guide to hotels, cafés, restaurants, bars, and shopping places, with a unifying theme of their architecture a plan for a rewarding whirlwind 36 hours in Paris (with some favorite restaurants mentioned for a delicious interlude), six self-guided walking tours to find the famous and hidden gems, and Google Earth virtual tours for those who can’t come to Paris at the moment This well-designed book is the first guide in a while that inspired me to make an immediate “to do” list — and I’ve lived in Paris for 15 years. Whether you’re a long-time resident, a visitor, or an armchair traveler, such a comprehensive tribute to all aspects of Paris architecture provides a world of new discovery, with stunning photographs that show the art of architecture in the best possible way. Parc Monceau © Ruby Boukabou

Lead photo credit : Architecture lovers guide to Paris © Olivia Rutherford

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