Let it Snow in Paris: Photos from the City of Light, Covered...

Let it Snow in Paris: Photos from the City of Light, Covered in White

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Photo: Richard Nahem

The last substantial snow I can remember was over four years ago, so when snow finally comes to Paris, it’s big deal. People ask me what I miss about New York City and I always say the blizzards which almost shut down the city.

The snow started on Tuesday afternoon this week and fell all the way through Wednesday evening. Luckily it was the kind that stuck! We received about 3-4 inches and although that doesn’t seem like a lot, it wreaked havoc with car traffic and the bus system. Locals struggled to manage the slushy streets without proper snow boots, tourists wearing high heels and skirts were caught off guard, and cars and motorcycles had to be dug out.

Sacré-Cœur covered in snow. Photo: Richard Nahem
Snow in Montmartre. Photo: Richard Nahem

The upside of the snowstorm is the striking beauty of a soft, white blanket canvasing the city. From the hills of Montmartre with the Byzantine domes of Sacré-Cœur, to Roman and Greek statues in the Tuileries, to red balloons flying next to Saint Paul metro, to the symmetrical alleyway of bare branches in the gardens of the Palais Royal frosted in white powder, to stacked café chairs collecting a pillow of snow, Paris played its role of a winter wonderland superbly.

The snow also brought out the child in all of us as I gleefully observed little tots, teenagers, parents, and grandparents slyly stone snowballs at each other while laughing hysterically.

Snow in the Jardin des Tuileries. Photo: Richard Nahem

Even the snowmen are distinctly Parisian as I chuckled upon seeing one wearing a beret and a cigarette hanging from its mouth.

In case you missed the snow on Wednesday and Thursday, don’t be glum, we’re supposed to receive a fresh new batch on Friday.

Painting in the snow in Montmartre. Photo: Richard Nahem
Jardin des Tuileries. Photo: Richard Nahem
Snowfall in Montmartre. Photo: Richard Nahem
Photo: Richard Nahem
Photo: Richard Nahem
Flower boxes dusted in snow. Photo: Richard Nahem
Chairs in the Tuileries gardens. Photo: Richard Nahem
A statue in the Jardin des Tuileries. Photo: Richard Nahem
Jardin des Tuileries. Photo: Richard Nahem
Photo: Richard Nahem
Cafe tables covered in snow. Photo: Richard Nahem

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  1. Wonderful photos, Richard. Strange and beautiful to see such scenes, from here in snow covered Chicago, in the streets of Paris Your pics of the unusual Paris white, with the occasional bright spot of color, are brilliant.

  2. Thank you, Richard. Snow changes the landscape in a magical way and I am so glad you were out with your camera.

  3. I rent an apt. in Paris for several weeks every year, and have spent Christmas there…unfortunately, it’s never snow during my visits! Hopefully at some point, when I’m spending part of the year-4-6 months-in that incredible city. The town looks even more ravishing, if that’s possible, sur la neige!

  4. Love the photo of the geranium’s leaves frosted in white and the stack of old chairs… right now we have plenty of white stuff where we live. ..enjoy your posts!!!

  5. Such beautiful photos, so serene. Paris is always wonderful but I find her especially appealing when she is robed in fresh fallen snow.

  6. The statue of the man holding his head is one of my favorites. I photographed it years ago and turned it into a card!!!

    • I just ran across Richard’s photo today. I wondered if the statue was someone’s attempt to render in 3 dimensions Masaccio’s painting of Adam after the Fall (from the Chiesa del Carmine, I think, in Florence). Thanks, Richard. –Marc