Flâneries in Paris: Rue Montorgeuil

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Flâneries in Paris: Rue Montorgeuil
This is the 18th in a series of walking tours highlighting the sites and stories of diverse districts of Paris. The Sentier metro station is perfectly placed for the northern end of the foodie haven which is Rue Montorgueil. Large letters adorn the imposing archway over the street’s entrance, announcing its presence with a fitting fanfare, since orgueil means pride in French. The road – confusingly named Rue des Petits Carreaux at this point – was abuzz with shoppers and enticing smells of cheese and garlic wafted my way as I turned into it. A cheese shop on Rue Montorgueil. Photo credit: Marian Jones Parisians, I could see immediately, could do most of their food shopping here. At Le Palais des Fruits, colorful fresh produce of every description was piled high: shiny purple aubergines, cauliflowers in creamy white and lime green, tomatoes of every size and shade. A cheerful life-size ceramic cow grinned down from the balcony of La Fermette, where cheeses from all corners of France were crammed into the window. At the Poissonnerie Soguisa, fish and seafood glistened on piles of ice, and a boucherie de tradition offered a full range of butchery services: boucherie, volailles, rotisserie, charcuterie. Jammed in between the food shops was an old fashioned cordonnier-clés, offering to mend shoes and cut new keys. This is a well-used street, not just a showpiece for tourists. Fish and seafood glistened on piles of ice. Photo credit: Marian Jones

Lead photo credit : Café Montorgueil. Photo credit: Marian Jones

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Recently retired from teaching Modern Languages (French and German), Marian now has time to develop her interests in travel and European culture and history. She will be in Paris as often as she can, visiting places old and new, finding out their stories and writing it all up as soon as she gets home. Marian also runs the weekly podcast series, City Breaks, offering in-depth coverage of popular city break destinations, with lots of background history and cultural information. She has covered Paris in 22 episodes but looks forward to updating the series every now and then with some Paris Extra episodes.


  • Tony Powell
    2023-09-03 09:46:50
    Tony Powell
    Hi Marian, Each time we visit Paris we always walk down Rue Montorgueil for a look and stop for an aperitif. One of our favourite streets in this fantastic city of Paris.


  • Pam Hughes
    2023-07-13 07:35:06
    Pam Hughes
    This and other articles make me hungry to return to Paris. I love the city so much. Pam Hughes


    • Marian Jones
      2023-07-21 03:22:42
      Marian Jones
      Thank you, Pam. I know what you mean ..... my family joke that I am usually planning my next trip to Paris as soon as I get onto the train/plane to go home. I hope you get back there soon.