Go Green Near Disneyland Paris at Les Villages Nature Paris

Go Green Near Disneyland Paris at Les Villages Nature Paris
Located six kilometers from Disneyland Paris, Les Villages Nature Paris opened in September 2017 as an innovative eco-tourism destination in Europe. Surrounded by nature, the resort offers five recreational universes: the Aqualagon – one of the largest water parks in Europe swimmable all year round with 30°C water heated by geothermal energy; the BelleVie farm for an authentic immersion; the Extraordinary Gardens – four gardens that celebrate the four elements of nature; the Forest of Legends, a playground and activities conducive to wonder and creativity; and the Lakeside Promenade to stroll and dine. In big news for the environmentally-minded resort, Les Villages Nature Paris was awarded silver at the WTM World Responsible Tourism Awards in London in November 2019. The green resort, powered by geothermal energy, won silver for ‘Best for Reducing Carbon & other Greenhouse Gases’ in its quest to minimize its ecological footprint. Other examples of the resort’s sustainability initiatives include vertical wall gardens, abundant car-free landscapes dotted with wildflowers, and nine beehives producing 400 kg of honey each year. In fact, the grounds represent a model for sustainable tourism development. Existing woodlands and natural habitats were preserved, fostering biodiversity monitored by a team of experts, and the resort planted 28,000 new trees and 430,000 new shrubs. Les Villages Nature Paris offers three types of cottages and apartments: Cocoon VIP for refined design in the heart of the village or on the lake; Country Premium for the charm of a country retreat and the Clan Comfort, the factory of family memories with its playful universe. The resort is easily accessible by public transport: sited three miles from Marne-la-Vallée Chessy (TGV / RER / Eurostar), plus it’s less than three hours from London St Pancras station via Eurostar. For more information, visit www.lesvillagesnatureparis.com

Lead photo credit : Les Villages Nature Paris

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