10 Things We Love About Paris

10 Things We Love About Paris

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sparkling Eiffel Tower
Fluctuat nec mergitur: “She is tossed by the waves but does not sink.” The Eiffel Tower will continue to sparkle.
Photo credit: Meredith Mullins

The events of 13 November sent a wave of shock and sadness through our City of Light. We mourned the senseless loss of life and were shaken by the reality that the attack was on the very essence of everyday life—innocent people just enjoying a night out. We said to ourselves, it could have been any of us.

Soon after, we grew defiant. Strength and resilience are a powerful part of life here.

The flowers and messages that filled the impromptu memorial at the Place de la République and that spilled onto the sidewalks and streets surrounding the attack sites spoke volumes about the French spirit. Love is stronger than hate. Même pas peur (not afraid). Respect for life. Peace for all. Je suis Paris.

There are many unanswered questions, as the events reverberate around the world. But our tradition of resilience urges us to return to normal rhythms. We want to continue to remember why we love Paris.

We believe in the Paris motto Fluctuat nec mergitur: “She is tossed by the waves but does not sink.”

Here are 10 reasons to celebrate Paris and the French spirit.

Paris bridge at sunset
The light in the City of Light is like no other. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
music in Paris metro
Music surrounds us—in the streets, metros, and concert halls. The rhythms become our own. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
dancing by the Seine in Paris
Love finds a way. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
the Seine in Paris
The Seine is a constant life force—water that weaves its way among the romantic bridges, whispers in the twilight, and sparkles brilliantly through the night. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
goldfish guy in Montmartre
Paris is flâneur heaven. Stories unfold and the cast of characters provides endless entertainment and a direct connection with what makes us all human. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
Paris at dusk
Beauty is everywhere—in the grandest parks and the smallest details, down narrow alleys, and in the river, clouds, and sky. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
Paris in the evening
Liberté means you can speak your mind, protest, debate, sing in the streets, or dance as if no one is watching. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
snow in a Paris garden
Even in a city of millions, you can always find a place all your own. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
spring flowers in Paris
No matter how long the winter seems, spring is inevitable. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins
winter in Paris
There is always light after the storm. Photo credit: Meredith Mullins

Même pas peur. Vive la France.

For more from photographer-writer Meredith Mullins, see her essay “In the Wake of the Paris Attacks.”

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Meredith Mullins is an internationally exhibited fine art photographer and instructor based in Paris. Her work is held in private and museum collections in Europe and the U.S. and can be seen at www.meredithmullins.artspan.com or in her award-winning book "In A Paris Moment." She is a writer for OIC Moments and other travel and education publications.


  1. Your gorgeous images and thoughts stirred my heart. Paris is s magical city and I can’t wait to return. When hate rained down on November 13 I was shocked and saddened but then inspired to more fully live the message that Paris teaches. To love and live brightly.

  2. Nothing and nobody can change the beauty of Paris. That’s why I’m coming back in June. We must go on as usual and never fear.

  3. Liberté means you can speak your mind, protest, debate, sing in the streets, or dance as if no one is watching. Unless you protest the cop21, then free speech is off the table.