Person of The Moment – Lucie Knappek

Person of The Moment – Lucie Knappek
What are you most proud of (in terms of your own achievements)? Having launched EVANELA, my own agency specializing in the organization of private encounters with French luxury art craftsmen. These luxury art craftsmen are working with the most renowned French houses, in all the fields of luxury goods (haute couture, cabinet-making, jewelry, cristal-cutting etc…), and they welcome my visitors into their workshop, which is a fabulous experience! What’s your secret talent? I find secret and very talented designers and art craftsmen all over France and I try to share my passion with visitors! Were you born in Paris or elsewhere? I was born in the North of France but have been living in Paris since the age of 15. If you could share a coffee or bottle of wine with a fellow Parisian from past or present, who would it be? From past it would be Coco Chanel or Colette, two women and two symbols of independence. They were both pioneers and very modern.  One in the fashion industry field, the other one in the field of literature. Is there a local person you admire? Oh yes!  I admire all of the Art Craftsmen partners I am working with!  Just to name one, I can talk about Antoine Pierini.  He is designing and creating amazing glass sculptures. Located in the South of France, he is the son of Robert Pierini, internationally known for his glass work too and is now the new generation of glass blowers.  His creations are priceless.  They are modern and elegant; the perfect association between traditional know-how and contemporary design. What’s your favorite thing about Paris? My favorite thing about Paris is that culture and creativity is at every corner. Whatever area of Paris you are taking a walk in, there is always an exhibition, a concert or a play you can go see. What’s the one thing that every Parisian should own? Good shoes definitely!  Paris is a city you must walk in in order to know and to fully appreciate it. Favorite place for dinner? Ze Kitchen Galerie. It is located at 4 rue des Grands Augustins, in the 6th district of Paris. The chef is William Ledeuil. His cooking is inspired by nature, painting and architecture. Flavours and colours are extraordinary and the atmosphere is great. I really recommend this place. I love to go there for dinner with my girl friends. When in Paris, what’s your favorite epicerie or specialty shop? There is a great tea house specialized in macarons, in Paris, located in Place des Vosges. It is named Carette. These are the best macarons ever! Your favorite neighborhood? I love “Le Marais”. This neighborhood is full of restaurants, boutiques, little streets you love to get lost in, and is very close to Beaubourg, paris’s modern art museum. There is a special atmosphere there, an energy that I love. What’s the “touristy” thing you’d secretly like to do in Paris but haven’t? I did not visit the Catacombs yet but would love to! There is much more to see there than skulls… concerts of classical music were organized there in the 19th century!  There are so many stories you hear about that place. What’s the most “touristy” thing you’ve done in Paris? I did many! I came to Paris at the age of 15 and started discovering the city as any tourist would have done then. I went to the top of the Eiffel Tower of course, but also had 3 cruises on the river Seine! Best life lesson you’ve learned? Listening to others. Three words to live by. Try, enjoy and be curious. One thing you could change about the world? I would love to share my passion for Art Craftsmanship and to participate in the preservation of this treasured artisan know-how. I don’t want these savoir-faire to disappear. Is there an annual event like a festival, gala or an exhibit that you look forward to every year? Yes, every two years is the Salon Révélations, at the Grand Palais in Paris. It is the only fine craft and creation fair gathering the best Art Craftsmen in France. It lasts for 4 days and it is a great opportunity to meet and see famous creators. What’s the one place you HAVE to take an out-of-town guest to in Paris? Versailles of course! Lucie is the founder of EVANELA, an agency specialized in the organization of private encounters with French luxury Art Craftsmen. She is passionate about culture and fine arts, and a Paris lover.

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