Parisians in Profile: Frédéric Eggers de Villepin, Urban Beekeeper

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Parisians in Profile: Frédéric Eggers de Villepin, Urban Beekeeper
This is the first in an exclusive series of illustrated “Parisians in Profile” about Parisians from all walks of life, created by journalist Emma Jacobs. Here we feature Frédéric Eggers de Villepin, a member of the bee-keeping society that maintains hives in parks around Paris. De Villepin, whose “day job” is on the technical side of Radio France, shares his passion for beekeeping. Apiculture is alive and well in the city of Paris, where the Société Centrale d’Apiculture (Central Society of Beekeepers) offers classes to aspiring beekeepers. Quotes have been lightly edited for length and clarity. BP’s next profile will feature the President of the association of bouquinistes, whose book stalls line the Seine river, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. If you have suggestions of people you’d like to see featured in future installments, please leave them in the comments section below.

Lead photo credit : Parisians in Profile, Beekeeper Frédéric Eggers de Villepin. By Emma Jacobs

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Emma Jacobs is a multimedia journalist in Paris. Her work airs on American and Canadian radio and podcasts and has appeared in publications including The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer. You can follow her sketches around the city on Instagram @emma.sketches and also find her on Twitter @ecjacobs.


  • Jackie
    2016-10-20 12:25:05
    Oh, I love this new illustrated series !