Berthillon and Beyond: The Best Ice Cream in Paris

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Berthillon and Beyond: The Best Ice Cream in Paris

One sure sign that summer has arrived in Paris? The charming ice cream carts (chariots à glace) popping up in parks and on sidewalks. When the sun’s shining and the weather’s perfect, Parisians start lining up for a cone. Just as these city-dwellers have a favorite croissant, they also have a favorite glacier– often depending on the neighborhood where they live. Readers have asked us: what’s the best ice cream in Paris? And we’re happy to oblige. Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite spots for artisanal ice cream in the City of Light. After all: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! [Do you have a favorite ice cream shop in Paris? Share your recommendations in the comments section below.]

Berthillon: Perhaps best known of all the Paris ice cream makers, Berthillon is an institution on the L’île Saint-Louis. A number of the island’s restaurants also serve Berthillon flavors. If you’re on the go, just order from one of the shop/eatery windows. Of the 60 parfums, we absolutely adore the caramel made with salted butter.

Ice cream in Paris ,© Alexey Druzhinin

Pierre Geronimi: We recently had the opportunity to taste Pierre Geronimi’s delicious ice cream and sorbet at Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and now we’re hooked. First opened in Corsica, this gourmet ice cream company sources top-notch ingredients (like Corsican honey, blueberries, even savory ones like mustard, pine nuts, and basil) to fashion delightful creations. They’ve opened their first Parisian shop at 5 rue Férou in Saint Germain, and you can also find it at Galeries Lafayette Gourmet. Tip: A scoop of strawberry sorbet in a glass of champagne is absolutely divine.

Ice cream sandwich, ©Pierre Geronimi

La Tropicale: Located on Boulevard Vincent-Auriol in the 13th arrondissement, La Tropicale is an artisanal company which makes small batches of delicious ice creams with seasonal ingredients. The flavors are original and often interesting pairings like “strawberry mint”, “lemon absinthe” and “coconut sesame”. We love the tea-cardamom flavor. La Tropicale also has ice cream carts which you can find at various events and locations in Paris.

Chocolat Chapon: Situated on the Rue du Bac not far from La Grande Épicerie, Patrice Chapon is one of the best chocolate-makers in Paris. (Come to the shop to sample the heavenly chocolate mousse from the “Bar à Mousses aux Chocolats“.) But did you know that Chapon also used to make ice cream for the Royal Court at Buckingham Palace? In the summer months, there’s an ice cream cart on the sidewalk and we highly recommend it.

Une Glace à Paris:  For a decadent treat in the historic Marais, head to the Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie where two award-winning chefs and seasoned restaurateurs– Emmanuel Ryon (Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier 2000 and World Pastry Champion) and Olivier Ménard (pâtissier chez Pierre Hermé and Harrods in London)– have created a sublime spot.


Pozzetto: There’s usually a line outside for some of the most delicious gelato in Paris (two locations are just meters away from each other: 39, rue du Roi de Sicile and 16, rue Vielle du Temple in the Marais). The pistachio flavor is a tried-and-true favorite.

Martine Lambert: A popular destination on the Rue Cler, the beloved market street in the 7th arrondissement, Martine Lambert has been making high quality ice cream since 1975. The secret to the taste? A daily delivery of unpasteurised milk and cream straight from a farm in Normandy…

Grom: One of the world’s best Italian gelato makers. Enough said. Multiple locations in Paris including Saint-Germain, the Marais, and Latin Quarter.

À la Mère de la Famille: Did someone say praline ice cream with caramelized hazelnuts? One of the city’s best-loved chocolateries– in existence since 1761–has released a new ice cream flavor just in time for the summer. The best part of all? You can buy an entire tub of it for indulging at home.

À la Mère de la Famille, ice cream

courtesy of À la Mère de la Famille

Lead photo credit : Berthillon, ©Ayça Hande Ergitürk

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  • Stephanie Wolkin
    2020-06-29 21:45:16
    Stephanie Wolkin
    Amorino on the rue de Buci...a cup with one scoop of dark chocolate and one of coconut. A real treat!


  • Lauren Golden
    2020-06-28 00:29:54
    Lauren Golden
    Berthillon is over-rated, over-priced, and stingy in portions! Some of the others that people here have recommended and mentioned in the article are so much better.


  • Amy Goldman
    2020-06-26 12:20:32
    Amy Goldman
    What about Amorino?? I live in NYC and hi to Amorino as often as possible when I am in Paris. I had to cancel my April trip and can’t wait to go back. We have an Amorino here but I do not go. It is my Parisian treat!


  • Martinn Key2paris
    2020-06-26 00:18:52
    Martinn Key2paris
    Grom is also on Rue Montorgueil and you forgot Bachir Lebanese flavors a must next to Beaubourg Centre Pompidou


  • Angie
    2020-06-25 22:29:42
    Scaramouche in Montmartre! So many specialty flavors & made in Provence. It’s incredible ice cream


  • Kathryn Vichta
    2020-06-25 20:42:47
    Kathryn Vichta
    almost every day we went o Amorino in Rue Saint-Martin - my grand-daughter is addicted!


  • Laurence Flannery
    2020-06-25 15:35:35
    Laurence Flannery
    Pierre Herme the very best glace au praline with huge chunk of praline + many others unique ones like the Ispahan


  • LA Gal
    2020-06-25 11:21:28
    LA Gal
    One of my most memorable visits in Paris was to Berthillon. Was in Paris for a week and went there two times. Years later, at my gym, talking to a woman on the treadmill next to mine, who had just returned from Paris, I asked her how she liked Paris. Her response, "did you have the ice cream?" Of course it was Berthillon!! I would so much love to return and visit the other recommendations.


  • Julia Maurice
    2018-07-12 20:07:47
    Julia Maurice
    I second the vote for Raimo. Inventive flavors, highest quality


  • T7
    2018-07-12 19:05:05
    Le Bac à Glaces, also on Rue du Bac


  • Nicholas Cox
    2017-06-15 14:36:59
    Nicholas Cox
    Berthillon was my favorite - they have at least six outlets on L’Isle Saint-Louis.


  • Suzanne
    2017-06-15 13:57:43
    Berthillon is my favorite and you can by all t at the Epecerie off rue Cler on rue De Grenelle.


  • Kerstin Hallert
    2017-06-15 13:56:09
    Kerstin Hallert
    Long before Berthillon- established in the 1960´s - there was Raimo coming as promise of happier days in that hard year of 1947. founded by Italian family Raimondo and ever since Parisian families´ favourite ice cream parlor with lovely tea-room fully licensed open until 10.30 pm situated away from the tourist area in the 12th arrondissement on 59-61 boulevard de Reuilly (metro Daumesnil plus a number of buses) You will also find a recently opened very tiny Raimo in the 4th arrondissement on 17 rue des Archives. ( If a cone of ice cream is all you want remember that most Parisian patisseries all over town make their own excellent ice cream during summer not necessarily selling it from fancy carts on the street.


  • Jessica Kaye
    2017-06-15 12:04:09
    Jessica Kaye
    We were repeat visitors to Movenpick in the 4th arondissement. Very yummy.