Andrew Gn Ushers in Spring 2019 at Les Beaux-Arts in Paris

Andrew Gn Ushers in Spring 2019 at Les Beaux-Arts in Paris
If there were two surefire themes at Andrew Gn’s Paris Fashion Week show over the weekend, they were flowers and sparkles. And what says spring and summer like flowers in bloom, and sparkling, twinkling stars in a sweet summer night? Held at Les Beaux-Arts along the Quai in the 6th, the crowds filed in for Andrew Gn’s show. Gn is a Singapore native, who is now based in Paris. He was formerly the Artistic Director of fashion house Balmain’s accessories collections. At the show, the photographer’s pit was packed to the gills, as were the rows lining the runway. The lights dimmed, the spotlights raised, the music thumped, and the models began marching out with conviction, grace, and confidence. (One imagines that the blank expressions on models’ faces during shows – which is viewed as a necessity when acting as merely a vehicle for art – is actually a really difficult thing to manage, particularly with hundreds of people looking at you and scrutinizing you.) Models cascaded down the runway, one by one, as the show opened with flowing white frocks, perfect for spring and summer, then transitioned to more eveningwear looks, fit for festive, warm-weather cocktail parties and galas. Black and white were mainstay colors, as were mini-skirt and mini-dress lengths. Flowing, breezy summer dresses were also plentiful, as the models resembled ethereal angels floating on a cloud. The 60s’ Flower Power look of wide, bell-bottom-esque cuts on sleeves were present, as were kicking, Swingin’ 60s groovy boots, in all shades of the rainbow. (It’s true what they say: fashion is cyclical. Everything comes back in style.) For the more fanciful looks, long, Grecian Goddess gowns in white came waltzing down the runway, with embellishments of sparkly silver sequins. Then there were the Studio 54-reminiscent sequined mini dresses and longer dresses, too. Gorgeous cocktail-length dresses of green with yellow flowers stunned. And one couldn’t help noticing the fantastic diversity on display at the show. Models of all backgrounds walked the catwalk. It is part of a welcome change that seems to have taken hold in the fashion world. As for accessories, large, bejeweled cuffs and patterned boots could be seen on many models. Hairstyles were a natural wash and go look, without too much product and pomp. Andrew Gn brought down the house, and with looks as wearable as his, I’m sure we’ll spot some on sidewalks near us, come next year.

Lead photo credit : Andrew Gn fashion show in Paris. Photo: Anne McCarthy

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