Photo Essay: The Rue des Martyrs in Paris

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Photo Essay: The Rue des Martyrs in Paris
I’ve always been a fan of the rue de des Martyrs, happily showing off to my tour clients one of the best-kept secret streets of Paris. After reading the insightful and entertaining book The Only Street in Paris: Life on the Rue des Martyrs by Elaine Sciolino, I was newly enthralled and went to revisit the beloved street last month. I happily snapped away, capturing the vibrant street life at the cafés and shops, the yummy delicacies at the food shops, the eclectic architecture style, and the last hold-outs of the checkered nightlife spots.

Lead photo credit : The rue des Martyrs by Richard Nahem

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  • Francine Huffman
    2016-02-06 02:10:45
    Francine Huffman
    I absolutely LOVE the articles in Bonjour Paris, especially "Walk Here, Not There," (Parts 1 and 2). I have gathered so much invaluable information which I intend to use on my upcoming trip to the City of Light. Thank you and keep up the great work! Francine Huffman