Salvador Dalí at the Atelier des Lumières

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Salvador Dalí at the Atelier des Lumières
Surround yourself in the wonderful weirdness of Dalí to the tune of Pink Floyd… plus a bonus by Spanish architect Gaudí  The Atelier des Lumières in the city’s 11th arrondissement has reopened after many months of pandemic-related closure to exhibit what they call a “subversive artist” who worked to “astonish the world” – and are doing so to the exciting sounds of Pink Floyd. This cultural venue features immersive light and sound exhibitions where the artworks are projected on a continuous cycle via 140 BARCO laser video projectors which cast the moving images on some 3,300 square meters of surface area, including the 10-meter-high walls, floors, and chimney. What a perfect venue for the works of an exciting artist such as Salvador Dalí! Dalí show at Atelier des Lumières. (C) Michele Kurlander I adore the drama and dreams provoked by his vast oeuvre and  have again and again visited the tiny Paris Dali museum just behind the Place de Tertre in Montmarte (see my most recent article in February of 2019.) Just envision Dali and Pink Floyd joined together to wrap  you in their sounds and images! According to the Atelier’s website: “Dalí’s deep colors and extended and voluminous forms emerge on the walls to the sound of tracks from legendary albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall, plunging visitors into a soaring, peaceful, and troubling world.” YES! (An example: “Another Brick In the Wall” plays as small squares of images pile brick-like onto a wall). Dali show at Atelier des Lumières. (C) Michele Kurlander This exhibit features every aspect of Dali’s works, including the most psychedelic: his paintings, drawings, photographs, installations, films, and archive images. Floating around you are such images as The Persistence of Memory, the Face of Mae West through red couch lips and its surrounding Surrealist apartment; Atomic Leda, and the Temptation of Saint Anthony. Also included, of course, are the many images both real and dreamlike of Gala – the love of his life. Stand in the middle of the gigantic room, or sit on the top stair to the open balcony, or sit in one of seats provided for you along the wall, or hide out in a curved room from which you can not only see images pop onto those walls but also nevertheless view the happenings around the walls and ceilings outside.

Lead photo credit : Dali show at Atelier des Lumières © Salvador Dalí, Fundació Gala-Salvador Dalí, ADAGP 2021 © Culturespaces / E. Spiller

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  • Joycelyn Maguire
    2021-10-14 08:36:37
    Joycelyn Maguire
    The exhibits have begun coming to the US (at least to San Francisco) the following year. Here they found an old car agency building that is a great host for the Atelier!!!