Tips Visiting Strasbourg

Tips Visiting Strasbourg

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Broc en Stock:  This is where you can find the very best pizza in Strasbourg. The interior of Broc en Stock is decorated with cartoon characters inspired from the ever popular Tintin books, and the menu is filled with choices of pizzas named after the characters. For instance, the Dupond and Dupont, which I highly recommend, is loaded with tomatoes, merguez (a spicy sausage from North Africa), eggs, and cheese. The menu also offers many different pasta plates and the lasagnas are especially good. Warning: the menu is not translated in English plus you can’t count on the waiter to help you translate, so be sure to bring along your dictionary. For lunch you can choose a complete menu for 7 euros or 13 euros, which will get you a pizza and an aperitif. There’s also a special menu for children. The restaurant closes for unknown reasons from time to time, so it’s always best to call before going.


Broc en Stock
15, quai des Pêcheurs
67000, Strasbourg
from US: 011 (33) 3 88 24 06 09
from France: 03 88 24 06 09
open: Monday – Friday
lunch: 12 – 2:00 p.m.
dinner: 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
price: pizzas from 7 to 9 euros ; pastas and meat from 7 to 15 euros
lunch: 7 euros per person, per meal
dinner: 13 euros per person, per meal


reservations – needed, especially for dinner


Snack Michel: A very old café in Strasbourg which students and tourists like to frequent. Even so, 60% of the public is composed of regular customers. The place is appreciated for the kindness of the waiters and waitresses and also for the decor, which is a replica of a typical Parisian café from the 1900’s. It really looks great and people usually stay for quite a while once they arrive. Starting at 6 in the morning you can choose from a selection of French pastries. Of course, the traditional croissant with chocolate is recommended. But you also have the choice of many other delicious options such as the Forêt Noire (Black Forest) which is a traditional German cake made with chocolate, fresh cream and cherries See the REAL Europe with Rail Europe(usually with a liqueur). You have your choice of various  types and sizes of café, many different beers and wine, and the traditional Coca-Cola. During the summer, be sure to taste the milkshakes with chocolate, bananas, strawberries or vanilla (I didn’t asked if you can have them all at the same time!). If you find yourself hungry, you can choose between typical café dishes loaded with salads and meat or you can choose the more traditional black pudding. The kitchen is open all day long.


Snack Michel
20, avenue de la Marseillaise
67000, Strasbourg
from US: 011 (33) 3 88 35 45 40
from France: 03 88 35 45 40
open Monday – Saturday
from 6:00 am to 9:00 p.m. (Monday to Friday) – until 7 p.m. on Saturday and closed on Sunday


reservations needed for groups
Smoking and Non-smoking


Weekly event

Planétarium de Strasbourg: the city’s planetarium has been converted to a museum. There are exhibitions throughout the year (reservations needed).


Planétarium de Strasbourg
Rue de l’Observatoire
67000, Strasbourg
from US : 011 (33) 3 90 24 24 50
from France: 03 90 24 24 50
hours: best to check the website since the opening hours change often
Website :