Paris Plus Size Shopping for Women Size 10 Plus

Paris Plus Size Shopping for Women Size 10 Plus

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Gerlane models wearing Persona. Publicity photo.

Finally: Paris retailers have come a long way, baby, in recognizing that over 75% of the women in the Western world are size 10 or larger. Just 10 years ago Paris had few options for women looking for anything larger than a U.S. size 10.

Today there are over 50 Paris shops loaded with stylish clothing in sizes up to 24/3X and, though harder to find, it is possible to find up to size 4x.

What to know before you go

Manage your price expectations: not only will the currency exchange rate ding your wallet, but French mass-market apparel costs more unless you get lucky bin diving at a close-out shop like SYMPA. If you can explain this, please do tell by commenting below. U.S. shoppers easily find regular sales, brand-name discount stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, and true outlet centers where 70% discounts are everyday finds.

Plus size is called grandes tailles, in French.

French full-figure shops and catalogues call “grandes tailles” sizes 44 and up; that’s a U.S. size 10. Don’t shoot the messenger, please, that’s just the way it’s done there.

Some brands/stores have their own sizing, such as a 0-6 system.

Look if you like, but don’t count on finding true plus sizes at vintage shops.

Know your U.S. size and in Paris start by trying on a size larger.

Plan your plus-size shopping trip with a Métro map, you’re going to cover a lot of Paris.

Before leaving, measure your current best-fitting top, jacket (shoulder seam to shoulder seam and armpit-to-armpit, then sleeve length) and pants (inseam and widest part of seat) while garments are flat. Get METRIC measurements. Then take that tape measurer with you to Paris and do the same with garments you like found while shopping. You’ll find wild disparity in sizing, but eventually you’ll hopefully hit on the right size to try on.

About the list

When a website was available, we added it—click on the store name for complete info.

Alain Weiz publicity photo.

There’s something for every budget and taste, from casual to career to evening, trendy to conservative.

Pack the plastic, girls, you’re going shopping!

Alain Weiz

Multiple stores

91 bis, rue d’Alésia, Paris 14th

Tél: 01 4545 4165

10, rue de Passy, Paris 16th

Tél: 01 4525 8778

Bon Marché

Better quality to expensive; “Encore” plus-size department; up to size 54 (rare).

Paris 7th


C&A publicity shot.

Inexpensive; great selection; multiple stores; trendy; up to French size 60.


French sizes 44-56

2, rue de Marignan, Paris 8th

Open Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm

Christine Laure

French sizes 36-52

137 stores in France & sold at some department stores

CLIN d’Oeil

Damart publicity photo.1, rue Pierre Lescot, Paris 1st


Recommended; no information available.


Casual clothing, knit tops, leggings, lingerie, swimwear, outwear

Multiple stores

Up to French size 54


Showroom that is sometimes open for walk-in retail sales

192, rue St. Denis, Paris 2nd

Elena Miro. Publicity photo.

Tél: 01 4028 9882

Elena Miro

Sold at the boutique and by some other stores

Femmes Rondes

Recommended; no information available.

Galeries Lafayette

Full-figure department


carries Marina Rinaldi & Persona

see photo (2 models) at start of this story

French sizes 42-54

133, rue de Sèvres, Paris 7th [NOTE: website says Paris 6th–ignore, it is 75007]

Giani Forte publicity shot.

Giani Forté

82, rue de Sèvres, Paris 7th

Tél: 01 5658 0137


Up to French size 58

“Dynamic fashion.”

Apparel, lingerie, accessories & wide-calf boots.

41, rue Dulong, Paris 17th

Tél: 01 46 22 00 44


Jean-Marc Philippe publicity photo.

Similar to C&A; inexpensive, trendy, multiple locations in France & worldwide.

Jean-Marc Philippe

Multiple stores, international, 3 Paris shops.

Some items up to size 54

Jeanne Rafal

36, blvd Haussman, Paris 9th

Tél: 01 4770 6659


12, rue Saint-Gilles, Paris 3rd
Tél: 01 40 29 94 93

La Pompadour

Kamino publicity photo.

32 bis, blvd Haussman, Paris 9th

Tél: 01 4824 4341

Open Monday-Saturday 10am-7pm

Laure Sokol

M&S Mode

M&S Mode publicity photo.

French 36-54 (US 6-24)

Multiple stores

33, rue de Longchamp, Paris 16th

Tél: 01 4727 4872


Custom tailor specializes in plus-size alterations

Marina Rinaldi

Very stylish; better quality; casual to career to evening.

56, rue du Four, Paris 6 th
Tél: 01 45 48 61 57

Marina Rinaldi publicity photo.7, av Victor Hugo, Paris 16th

Tél: 01 4501 7735

New Look

Nina Jacob

23, rue des Francs-Bourgeois, Paris 4th

Open daily 10a-7pm

No Complex [see photo below]

Multiple stores.

36, blvd de Charonne, Paris 20th

Tél: 01 4373 5703

Passe Simple publicity photo.

Passé Simple

Lingerie French sizes 42-60; shapers & stylish plus-size lingerie.

Carries brands like Alain Weiz, Prima Donna & more.

62, rue d’Amsterdam, Paris 9th


Sizes 46-60

8, rue Poissonnière, Paris 2nd

Printemps department store

6th floor, “Mode Classique” Department, carries Christine Laure (see above)

Sizes 38-52

NoComplex publicity photo.


Toscane [Armand Thiery]

Many stores in Paris & throughout France

Un Jour Ailleurs

Multiple stores in Europe; sold at Printemps main store


Dali Wiederhoft