Nuit Blanche 2007

Can’t sleep?  Great!  Insomnia is the activity en vogue on Nuit Blanche in Paris, which is taking place on the night of October 6th this fall.  This night-long ‘urban holiday’ has taken up quite well among the inhabitants of the city, as well as with tourists everywhere: rooting itself in community and the arts, people unify themselves for a single, expressive cause, trying to create their own vision through light and sound exhibitions and projects.  The incredible light installations contrasted up against the night of the city make Nuit Blanche a unique and incredibly innovative opportunity to explore, anywhere and everywhere in the city. In its 6th year running, Nuit Blanche is accessible to the art-lover and explorer alike — just be prepared to stay up all night! For more information, check here. Details on this year’s theme are still sketchy, but it is sure to thrill and stupefy as in previous years.  It is reportedly to involve the presence of a ‘lounge-y’ area in the heart of the metropolis.  The all-night activities will trace the line carved by the (newest and fastest) metro line 14, which hurtles along a diagonal from northwest Paris all the way down past the 13th arrondissement in the southeastern reaches.  Line 14 will remain open for the festival. The idea sure is catching on quick: Nuit Blanche has been replicated, spawning similar events in Rome, Brussels and Toronto among others!  A committee has been put in place, called White Nights Europe, which hopes to establish certain parameters in all the Nuit Blanche festivals, including the desire to keep these festivals free of charge.   this article is brought to you by MDLF
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